Nike Plus Watch - changed account - can I transfer the runs already entered? (Read 381 times)


    My daughter is using the Nick Plus watch for XC.  I (unfortunately) didn't read the directions of the exact name the coaches wanted all the athletes to have as their user name when I opened her account.  We then downloaded the 2 runs she had on the watch at that time.  Now I know they want it all under the name they requested.  I've opened a second account but can't get the first 2 runs to load onto that account.  Is there any way for me to get them there?  Alternatively, is there any way for me to change the name on the original account without losing the runs?  She has to have a certain mileage before the first day of school, which is what leads this to be a pressing matter.



      Have you tried going into Tools and downloading the workouts to your computer, then logging into the correctly named account and uploading the file that you downloaded?


      I haven't done it, but it appears that should work.



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        Are you talking about an account on RA or Nike?  If RA, she can change her screen name by going to Options -> My Information.


          It's on the Nike account.  She's not using RA.  Any ideas?  I can't find tools on Nike.  I'm hoping that all hope is not lost...