Custom Report - allowing search of notes (Read 48 times)


    I'd like to create a report for all workouts containing certain keywords in the notes. It doesn't look possible as far as I can tell.




      It is not possible to search the Notes using the current Reports function.  The only way to do what you are looking for is to go to Tools and Export your data in tab delimited format.  You can then open the log.txt file in Excel and search for specific words in your Notes field.

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        Good request!  Could take some real thought on how to handle the fuzzy search aspects and typical clauses like 'contains', 'begins with'; case sensitivity, multi-languages, etc, etc.


        In the meantime, the workout notes are in the log download and you can search within there after downloaded as an alternative solution.

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          I'd settle for a filter that allows me to do "contains text". Most of my comments are pretty simple, so a full-blown regex based parser would be overkill (but, heck, I'd take it). I know I can export and work with it like that, but this seems like a fairly basic thing to implement.


          Thanks for listening.

            I agree with dfmurphy and was preparing to ask for the same.

            A basic implementation imo too. It shouldn't have to be done via 'custom report' either.

            Just need a search bar on workouts page. Searches elsewhere have simplified, i.e. email. We need this eric!


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