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    To the extent it may help you diagnose: I noticed that in my saved Courses, I can click the spectacles icon to view one ... and there is no data.  0mi, no elevation info -- nothing.  But if I go into my Calendar, find the workout/race that corresponds to that course, click on that, and click the Map tab ... there's my course, with all distance/elevation data intact.


    As one example, here's my race from Christmas Eve 2011: Course view v. Map in my Workout.


    This is a separate issue. A course's route is independent of the GPS imported workout's route.  A course is just a way for you to group a set of similar routes together, which will help you create better reports.  You can give it a map in a totally different geographical location from the actual workouts and the software wouldn't know any better.


      OK eric I do the following. I open up the measure route tab and I plot a run and then save this via the save button at the bottom o fthe page. This sends the route into my courses list. When I click on this route in the course list and open it via the magnifying glass icon it opens up to a blank map with no points plotted on it and also a blank elevation. If I click on the name of the route then it opens up and then if I cliock on the edit button there is no map icon at the top to even click on.

      Whjat I have noticed is that all the routes I have previously plotted have a small earth/globe symbol next ot them. The new ones do not show this icon in the course list.

      Im not doing anything diffferent to the way I have done this route plottiong for years and I am not using a different browser either. One time it was working and the next time it wasnt.

      Sorry to be a pain but I am lost without my route plotter as I do not use anything like garmin to upload routes from.


        OK now when i click on the measure route opage it just comes up blank. This has certailnly cured my problem of not being able to save routes as now I cant even plot them. There is justa blank page with ni icons across the top and no map to plot on. Please help.


          What is "it" that is blank?  The page?  The map?  If I have to guess, it sounds like your browser did not load everything correctly.  Try pressing Ctrl-F5 to force a reload, which should fix the problem.


          I also fixed the map saving problem.  I apologize for any inconveniences and delays in diagnosing the problem.  I had to work with limited info.


            I cant express my gratitude enough. Sorry I couldnt have given mor einfo to help you sort the problem. Thanks

              Deleted my original post. Re-framed in new thread: 2015-12-30 Upgrade Issue: Saving Maps