Running after eating (Read 355 times)

    I'm usually good to go within a 1/2 hour or so. Of course, I'm trying to get used to running when you feel awful, so I may not be a good example.

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      Why don't you skip dinner.

      I need  at least 3 hours that is why i run in the morning

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        I have done about every scenario there is. In the mornings, I can eat a bowl of oatmeal with toast/bagel, coffee, then hit the door. In the evenings I can run right after eating but I would rather wait at least 1/2 hour. Absolutely no hard runs though, save them for more of an empty stomach. I also have Crohn's Disease, and eating sometimes will have me cutting runs short, there's always tomorrow if this happens.


          Why don't you skip dinner.

          I need  at least 3 hours that is why i run in the morning


          I have done this, but it kinda sucks to sit with the family and watch them eat.

            I feel like my body has tuned itself to running with nothing in my stomach, and also very early in the morning (I run at 4 or 5 AM before school). If I try to run later in the afternoon after breakfast or lunch, say 1 PM, I feel weird and lethargic, and also very uncomfortable. I don't think this is necessarily good and I'm trying to work on being more flexible.

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              I'll often grab a bite to eat 10-15 minutes before I run because I hate feeling hungry when I run. I'll soon be experimenting with what I can eat on the run, preferably real food and not gels or GU.

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                Lame answer, but everyone's different. All you can do is experiment. I do the same as most on this thread and what is generally recommended : 2-3 hours, or less if eating something light. And I like to eat a good meal after a run. Come to think of it, the scheduling of my runs is entirely based on my eating schedule. Or vice versa.



                  My usual routine:


                  1. Get up and eat a quick breakfast (oatmeal w/almond milk and fruit, green tea)

                  2. Go run 10 miles

                  3. Come home, shower, (sometimes drop "deuce")

                  4.Change into street clothes, go to class

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                    I can do most runs with no concerns after light eating. There's been a few times where I had to fit a workout in after a business dinner or some other obligation, and perhaps had to "disgorge" at some point, or it's a crappy run. I can gulp down a bowl of raisin bran and head right out...but add a fish oil pill on top of that and....yikes, seal burps.

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                      I  hate running with food in my stomach.  My usual routine has me running about ten hours after  having eaten,  and that's the way I like it.

                      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                        I did find that running after eating tonight sent me running from the poo monster.

                          Ultra runner, so eat on the go, sandwiches, bacon and egg pie, bananas, pretzels, lollies.  But the key thing is in small amounts.  I do admit to breaking that rule on occasion - 3 slabs of B+E pie at 60km, but was feeling peckish.


                          However this is good if you plan to run ultras, not if you want to run fast over short distance


                          I know a person that always runs on an empty stomach, something about paleo diet I think....must ask her one day.  Don't think I could do that as I like my food too much

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                            I've been running about 4 years, and in that time I think I've done everything.  In my experience, your body will adapt.  When I used to work every weekend along with going to school 5 days a week, I'd get up before my shift on Saturdays and run, usually on an empty stomach.  Now, I run in the evening after supper, and unless I have an exceptionally heavy supper, I don't notice it.


                            The ony thing I would avoid is running after having spoiled chicken.  Bad, bad, bad, baaaaaadddddddd idea.  Dead

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                              I'm also in the group of those who couldn't run soon after eating when I first started, but have since adapted fairly well.


                              Now I can eat a full meal and go run five minutes later without issue as long as I don't stuff myself silly. Still a couple of foods that might mess with me in a negative way, but I generally avoid those anyway.


                                i think it depends on the food too.  if you eat some nice energy food, you can probably eat much closer to running.  but if you have a heavy meal then i'd wait a while.  overall, i think everybody's body reacts differently and just some good old fashion testing will get you the best answer.