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    The plan I am using right now (Running Wizard) has heart rate guidelines for each workout, and one phase of the plan that will occur later this summer has a weekly Progress Calibration run in which I am supposed to run at a specific heart rate. I do not own a heart rate monitor. I have a Garmin ForeRunner 10. That does not have a heart rate monitor that came with it. Is there anyway to get a heart rate monitor that does not require me getting a new Garmin? Something stand alone? Or any way to hook something up to the FR10?

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      Get the Mio LINK.  You wear it on your lower arm (above the Garmin) and it is GREAT!!  So much more comfortable than a chest strap and it works perfectly.  Make sure it's compatible with your Garmin- you can check online.  It is compatible with most Garmins.   DCRainmaker has a great review of it.


      Might not work if 10 doesn't have HR capability.

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        The mio link will work with an iPhone app like iSmoothrun. I don't know if the FR 10 has HR capability, I think it may not.

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          I checked rainmaker's site on that Mio link thing and really wanted to like it as I hate the hrm chest strap.  But, I already have enough devices (1, my gps) to keep charged and ready to go.  A big plus on the chest strap is that the battery lasts for YEARS, as far as I can tell.  I've needed a new battery on the one I have once in about 5 years.  That Mio needs to be charged every 6 hours or so.

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            I agree with dog. I am fairly certain that the FR10 does not support HRMs. I have a Mio Link that I have using for over month now, and I really like it. It is not a bother to wear at all. It does not have a display on it, but it has multi color LED lights that tell you what HR zone you are in. It also does not have any audio alerts so it would be tough to keep an eye on while running.