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        I've done it twice, and am pleased with the results.  The second round, I didn't follow the nurtrition, and I skipped the kenpo workout.  Both times, I've averaged between 25 and 30 miles per week on top of the workouts.


        We will continue to use the dvds, especially the strength and abs ones.  My spouse does not run, so this gives us a chance to workout together.  I do feel like my strengthening my core has improved my running.  Mostly I just like that my arms look a little more defined, and I am stronger.


        I would not do p90x full on if I were working on a PR or training for a marathon.

          Thanks for the feedback. 


          I've read that it's very hard (intense) for people who are in shape already and nearly impossible for couch potatoes.  I'm not overweight but I have never lifted weights consistently.  I think I'm going to try a routine of sit-ups, pull-ups and push ups for a while and see how that goes before I bite the bullet w/ p90x. 



          Here are my final 90 day stats from my first round of P90x...overall I'm pretty happy and it seems to have been worth the effort..I think they would have been even more dramatic had I followed the diet plan...I was not trying to bulk up but stay lean so I used lighter weights and did more reps..


          Also,  I was getting pretty fat before I started... my profile pic is a couple of years old and I was in much better shape at that time


          Lost 4.1 % body fat
          Lost 4.6 pounds
          Lost 3 inches in my chest
          Lost 3 inches in my waist
          Lost 1.5 inches in my hips
          Lost 1 inch in each thigh
          Gained 0.5 inches in each bicep