Changing your subject (Read 632 times)

    Is there a way to modify what you've put as the subject? Obviously, there's a way to do it with the message content, but I'm not seeing a way to get to the subject and change that. Thanks in advance!! Smile
      Sorry, Joni. Can't do that right now. Sad

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        Should this be enabled?
          I think it would be useful. I know there was at least one occasion where I made a spelling mistake in the subject and wished I could have gone back and fixed it.


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            Eric If this is an easy change then it may give some benefit as a) typos can be fixed (like Derek mentioned) and b) the thread can be re-named if the content changes (it has been known for threads to change direction!) ... What does anyone else think? Neil

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              It might confuse people. Not everybody will think of changing the subject line like "New subject (was: Old subject)" bas

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                Well, can you set an automatic line after it? I mean, have RA *automatically* add the tag "was: Old Subject" to the subject line when it is changed? That way the old subject line could still show up with the search function that's planned, right?

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