Welcome to the new server! (Read 1586 times)

eric :)

    Please ask you friend to post a review of the 305. I am dying to hear about it.
    Trent, I sent him an email. Since he only had it for a couple of days, he said he'll write a preliminary report and revise it later, after he has played with it for a while. eric Smile

      Eric, Nice job. I have been using this site sice January and have begun to depend on it.... You are truly doing a good deed and we thank you!
      I completely agree! This great site is now running smoother than ever! Thanks for all the hard work!
        Nice Eric - thanks! I notice it slower on the weekends - so I look forward to trying it then - thru the week was never too bad. cheers - Julian
          Eric, Much better. Thanks for the change. Tim T.


            Eric, Thanks for all your hard work and great attitude about this site. Also, my wife is very happy with the results of the import you did for her Coolrunning log. As for Banner ads, I'd rather have a Donation buttom on the server somewhere that would let us voluntarily send contributions to keep down your expenses than to see banner ads. I know most people wouldn't voluntarily contribute, but I'll bet enough of us would to offset your costs. Tom Well, here's what I get for bookmarking the running log page instead of the home page for this site. I just saw that you do have a Donate button. Blush