How do you display/show off your medals?? (Read 2908 times)

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    I gathered all of them with the correspondent bibs and hanged them inside wall of my garage and a couple of running posters

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      My dress form wears them when I'm not busy reworking race t-shirts on her.

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        I've started a little scrapbook thing to keep the bib/finish time/picture from race for each race. I only have 1 medal right now but plan to keep them in a really cool wooden cigar box.
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          I made this at work......


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            I made this at work......




            Thats pretty cool -- You could probably sell them.....


            My race medals....I'd have to go looking for them but I 'think' they are hanging on a door knob in my work shed.......

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              Marathon medals are in shadow boxes with my bib numbers and they hang in front of my treadmill. 


              Other medals (from 1/2s, winning age group awards, etc. hang in the back of my closet).  Trophies (all 3 of them LOL) are on my fridge, mostly because I have no idea what else to do with them.

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                I hide the evidence of my obsession in the back of my closet, where nobody can see it.



                I still hide them.


                  I give 'em to my kids and who knows what they do with them.

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                    I pick one and wear it on my daily run.



                      I still hide them.


                      You should quote yourself in third person.  As in "Trent still hides them". 


                      Me?  The only medal I have is from the 19(82?) Arco Jesse Owens games for the long jump.  It is in a box in the basement I think.  At age 13 I probably assumed it would be only the first in a long line of medals. 

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                        I pick one and wear it on my daily run.



                        I'm doing that tomorrow.

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                          They're in a box somewhere...  not sure where.

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                            In a pile. The best ones don't say where they're from, so I can grab one that says 3rd in age group, and show it to someone and say, I got this at Boston Marathon (or NYC, or Western States).


                            Except if they look close and see how it says 3rd in age group women's 40s, then I have to say, oops. wrong one, lemme try again...




                            Of course this tactic hinges on only showing them off to people who have never seen the real awards from those races -- which includes me.

                            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                              Mine are in shoeboxes.  A couple more shoeboxes than when this thread started.