Good Podcasts for runners? (Read 2547 times)


my little devil

    Does anyone have suggestions for good Running Podcasts? 


    I drive a lot for my job and like to listen to Podcasts (so I do not get tempted to look at my phone). I am trying to food a good one about running but I have not had any luck yet. 


    For non running Podcasts I highly recommend: WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life, and Slate's Culture Gabfest



      Have you tried Run Run Live? Interesting interviews. I also like The Extra Mile podcast, runners from all over the world contribute audio about their running, training and races. 4 feet running was one of my faves, husband and wife team. I think they stopped the podcast but maybe the old ones are still available.

        Endurance Planet has some good ones. Check them out.




        Free, and can have them delivered to Itunes.


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        Gone Rogue

          4 feet running was one of my faves, husband and wife team. I think they stopped the podcast but maybe the old ones are still available.


          +1 for 4feetrunning. Still on iTunes. I miss hearing from Nik and Dan.

          See how they run...

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            I really enjoy Marathontalk. It's a free British based running podcast with some excellent interviews from a huge range of people. I listen to this every week on my long run. Loads of American coaches and athletes are interviewed as well as British and Australian legends. List of people interviewed can be found here: http://www.marathontalk.com/archive/podcast.php Podcasts themselves are available from iTunes.

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              +1 for 4feetrunning. Still on iTunes. I miss hearing from Nik and Dan.

               They post all the time on dailymile.com. Both are doing CrossFit now. 


                Slightly off topic and I don't know the state of play with digital your side of the pond but I got a Pure digital radio for Christmas, it's small and based on an IPod has brilliant reception and I can get a huge range of stations. The down side this week,has been listening to Pakistan wipe,the floor with the English cricket team when I was running to work

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                  This guy is an old CoolRunning poster.  Been doing a podcast for YEARS.




                  As for other podcasts, I would suggest, as the OP said, This American Life, Ira Glass is fantastic.  But also Stuff You Should Know, and, my personal favorite, Radio Lab.


                  Radio Lab is awesome.  The only problem with it is it only really comes out once a month.  Oh, the "shorts" are OK, but, the full one hour episode is what you want.  Funny, I discovered Radio Lab while listening to This American Life.


                  I have toyed with the idea of listening to WTF, and Too Much Information, but, in reality, I don't have that much time.  I only have a 1/2 hour commute, and can't listen to it all.


                  The podcast is a wonderful incarnation of the internet.  One of the good things that has come out of it.


                      Podcast directory at runningpodcasts.org: http://www.runningpodcasts.org/podcast-directory/


                        The Marathon Show, www.themarathonshow.com,  with Joe Taricani is an excellent podcast regardless of the distance you run, but especially for marathoners and half-marathoners. 


                        my little devil

                          Thanks everyone! I'm psyched to try some of these out. 




                              I'll second Phedippidations.


                              The Moth is also great, though not a running podcast. You're probably familiar with it, but in case not, it's stories told live in front of an audience and without notes.

                                I wanted to chime in and suggest my podcast.  I may be a bit biased, but I believe it is one of the top ones out there.  In addition to my passion for running and helping runners achieve their goals, I put a lot of work into making it one of the best sounding podcasts and selecting thoughtful guests.


                                With over 80 five star reviews and 100,000 downloads in the first 3 months others are finding value in it.  Hopefully you might as well.


                                It offers a mix of inspiration and information.  I interview regular runners as well as elite runners and coaches and some of the biggest names in running over the past years.


                                If you are looking for something fresh, you owe it to yourself to take it out on your next run.


                                http://runneracademypodcast.com or you can search for it in iTunes or any podcast application.


                                I welcome your feedback!