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Mr. Muscle

    Greetings...Whilst running on Thursday I stepped in a hole.  I right away felt a snap in my foot.  I hobbled around for about 30 min until I got someone to take me back to my vehicle.  I proceeded to the hospital and got xrays.  They said I have a spiral fracture in my 5th matatarsal.  Now, they said 6 weeks; one week non weight bearing.  1. How well will this heal?  2. Can I aqua jog or bike?  3.  When can I use an elliptical?  4.  I'm mostly concerned with staying in shape.  I know it will heal.  How can I stay in shape while I'm waiting for my stupid bone to heal.  Does anyone have any experience with this injury?

      Where on the metatarsal is your fracture? Is it on the base (bump) in middle of foot. I am thinking this is the case because if it was in the Jones area you would be non weight bearing for 6 weeks. The location is key on the 5th metatarsal and if any displacement/gapping. Usually if a decent amount of displacement, surgery is recommended. If on the base, there is better blood flow there and it could heal in 6-8 weeks. As far as when you can go back to activity, WELL that depends on your progress with healing. If healing good at month, your doc may allow the elliptical only if you have no discomfort while doing so. Non weightbearing aqua jogging may be an option but talk to doc about that. Other than that, find an AirDyne where you can just get the arms going while letting feet rest on holders.

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      Mr. Muscle

        Thanks for your advice.  Went to the doc today.  He said 4 weeks in an ortho boot.  No surgery.  After 6 weeks, if proper healing has occured, then I can run again.  It is not displaced!