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    I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice from fellow treadmill runners. I've been looking to get a treadmill for my apartment. I'm a recent college graduate so money is still pretty tight. I've been looking around and trying to find a good price on treadmills. I've found these websites (http://www.nordictrackcoupon.com/ & http://www.proformcoupon.com/) that give small discounts on brand new treadmills. I'm also looking on craigslist for any steals, but all I'm finding is slightly old treadmills that have seen better days.


    Would it be worth it to spend a little more money and buy a brand new treadmill with a coupon? Should I go for the cheaper, lower quality treadmills from craigslist? Is it worth it to search for another city where craigslist might have better options?


    I want something that will last, but also something that won't be too much of a hassle and break the bank. To those who have treadmills in their homes, does a quality treadmill make a difference? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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      We got a treadmill from nordictrack years ago and are very happy we did. We have always paid extra for a maintenance contract.  Whenever we have any problem at all, a technician comes out and fixes it or just tweaks it if it's running  a little rough.  One time, our kid (middle child...) managed to smash the display.  ???  It was still usable but some of the functions didn't work.  When the technician came out for another reason, we told him what had happened and he said, "Oh, I'll get you another display at no cost."  I think most of the unit has been rebuilt!  The guy said he has never seen a treadmill with as many miles on it as ours.  So I'm glad we bought a good one.  I would be hesitant to buy a used one.

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          Make sure your landlord allows treadmills.  They make a lot of noise and may disturb other tenants in your building (if there are other tenants), especially if you are not on the ground floor.


          Be careful with on-line reviews.  There are a lot of fake review sites that are really affiliate marketing sites.


          Your college may have a program for alumni to use the campus gym for free or low cost.  Worth looking into if you live nearby.


          The best choice will depend on how you use the TM.  How many miles per week on the TM?  How fast?  How much do you weigh?  Will anyone else be using it?

            I'd go with the Craigslist. I'm on my second Craigslist treadmill, the first one was free, the second one, much nicer, was $75 (Nordictrack E4400). There are a few good free ones on out local Craigslist right now. With a cheap price, it's OK that they are unrepairable after a couple years, or that getting another used one is cheaper than repairing a board or motor.

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              I second the craigslist option. Lots and lots of people get rid of perfectly good treadmills and it's great to get a bargain. i found a Nordictrack treadmill on Craigslist that the previous owners had used for walking. They almost never used it. i do recommend bringing your running shoes and trying it out, and make sure you use all of the functions that you plan to use, mess with the incline, change the speeds and give it a solid ten to fifteen minutes of run time. I used my treadmill for seven or eight years before i sold it....on craigslist Smile

                Besides the other advice like checking with your landlord, I'd say it depends on how handy you are.  With a Craigslist treadmill, there may be a chance you have to replace the deck, belt, or other parts that will make the purchase less of a "deal" if you can't do it yourself.  If you feel pretty good about your fix-it skills, then I'd just check to make sure parts are readily available for the unit you're looking to buy.  That should be the case for most reasonably recent models from quality brands.  I'd also make sure you can locate the manual online for any model you're looking at on Craigslist if the seller doesn't still have it.  Again, most decent brands should have digital versions if you look around.


                If you can't find replacement parts or digital manuals online then I'd avoid buying used.

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                  I have a treadmill in my house and use it a lot so it depends on your planned usage....if it will be a lot then go with a good quality one...it will last and you should have no issues.  I have friend who trains for marathons almost exclusively on her treadmill so she puts a lot of miles on it.  She has a Sole.

                    The problem is that a "good" treadmill costs over $3000-4000 new. At least one that a runner would like. And a truly great one will be closer to $10,000. If I was going to be stuck at McMurdo Station and a treadmill was my only way to run, even $5000 doesn't seem bad. The free to $100 craigslist treadmills are low to no risk to buy and use, and are disposable if they break.

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                      I'd try Craigslist.  I picked up an order Landice a number of years ago and it's been a workhorse for me. It's an older model - without all the bells and whistles, but has served me well with my MN winters. Don't remember what I paid ( maybe $150?).  if/when it kicks the bucket I will have certainly have gotten my monies worth.


                      I would make sure it's ok to have a TM in your apartment. I don't think I'd want to be your downstairs neighbor Wink

                        I'm surprised anyone buys NEW, cars, treadmills, etc...


                        maybe in some cases, or if I had the money and had been running for years and knew exactly what I wanted etc..


                        none the less, I bought a cheapo Nordictrack TM used on CL years ago, maybe $250-350?

                        from what I gather there are the cheap treadmills like mine, the norditcrack, and the nicer, more professional versions, which cost much more.


                        none the less, usually if you hold out and keep looking, you can find someone who bought exactly what you want, used it for a year and hasn't for a few years and has decided to sell it for 50% discount or more.


                        Don't be afraid to negotiate...


                        also if you get there and don't like it, etc... don't be afraid to walk away.



                        my current TM while cheap has been holding up well, I figure I'll probably run it into the ground and then look for a more professional style TM used...


                        best of luck! let us know what you end up getting!

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                            If I were in the market for one it would CL all the way.  But here in the Bay Area we have a very, very active CL and you can buy about anything and have multiple items to choose from.

                              I've picked up 3-4 free treadmills on the SF CL over the years. I seldom use them myself, my partner walks on them. I actually have a spare in the garage for when her current one fails or requires a costly part. The "spare" is actually a near gym quality one that I wouldn't mind running on. Her current one has a lot of wood and a neoprene-like belt, but has worked great for the last few years with only minor adjustments.

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                                I would try Facebook yard sale groups in your area