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    Hey running folks, I have a 5k this Sunday, and I'd really like to PR it. I normally don't hit my stride until mile 3-4, which is a little late for a 5K Wink It's probably going to be quite chilly on race day, so I will certainly need a warm up. My question: how much should I warm up before a 5K? I was thinking 20-25 minutes easy light jog -- does that sound about right? I don't want to feel like I could have gone faster had I been more warmed up. Thanks! Trish Yes
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      I just finished your post about Boston. You know you're a marathoner if you have to run 3-4 miles before a 5k as a warm up. I haven't done too many 5ks, but for the 5 milers, I run about 2 miles before hand (probably a bit longer for a 5k). At the end of the warmup, I would pick it up and do several short intervals at race pace. That gets my heart and lungs pumping so I can go straight into the race.
        I like to run an easy mile before a 5K. That's usually about the distance it takes me to loosen up on a training run. I also make sure to stretch out well after the warm-up. That's especially important for me to get loose, rather than a longer warm-up. As Mile Collector said, a few short sprints are good to do too. They'll get your fast-twitch muscle fibers going. Good luck.
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          I like to run about 37.2k before my 5k. Mile Collector has me pegged...
            20-25 minutes including a couple strides at 5K as MC suggests is perfect.

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              Wow...thats a lot of warming up. I usually jog for 5 minutes to warm up musles. Then stretch for 2 or 3 minutes. I then do a 1 minute run (15 seconds jog, 15 seconds race pace, 15 seconds, 20 seconds increase to TOP SPEED, 10 second cool down). Then I do about 5 to 10 quick 20 meter sprints. That's it. If I jog more...my body gets into a JOG mode. I need to wake up my fast twitch musles. If you have a non-important 5K coming up give it a try.