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    Is there any way to make the Calendar be your home view instead of the Summary? So that when we go to the log or when we finish entering an entry, it returns us there? In the calendar mode, it would be nice to able to click on the date (or perhaps right click and choose from a popup menu) to be able to make a new Run entry for THAT date (with the date field filled in). You see, I don't update my log every day. Sometimes, I fill in all the runs at the end of the week. So I find myself choosing "New Run Entry" and then having to go and change the date field each time. It gets a little frustrating if you have many entries to make. For that matter, if we could have the calendar as our "home" view, when finishing a run entry it would be nice to have it return to the calendar showing the day/week/month of the run we just entered instead of the current day/week/month. Finally, it would be nice to have a weekly summary view like CoolRunning had. I loved it because it was detailed then the calendar but still gave you the whole week at a glance.
      I asked about this a long time ago but I think I was the only one so it didn't go anywhere. I prefer the calendar view also. By the way is this Joe O from the SRR? If so wassup, this is Mike Girouard.

      Runners run.

      this is why I run....

        I also second JoeO thoughts. I do the same thing

          Yes this is Joe O from SRR. Small world.