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Run Like a Mother


    I live in Seattle as well and I get made fun of regularly for putting my music player and money in sandwich baggies.  But it works.


    And when I stop at 711 for Hostess Lemon Pie (sniff... RIP Hostess), the folks behind the counter appreciate dry money.


    But I DON'T live in Seattle, I live in Eastern Washington!  But it has rained here SO much this fall/early winter.  Some type of precipitation falls almost every day lately!  My Vancouver BC cousin filled me into the sandwich bag trick.  I felt like a total dork for not thinking of it myself!


    Now I have never cared for Hostess pies, not even as a kid....now their HoHos are a different story. BUT I noticed Safeway has those types of pies....are they comparable?  They might work as a fill in when you really get to missing Hostess!

    Wandering Wally

      Sansa Clip which worked wonderfully for several years until I ran it though the washing machine by accident.  Oops.  Replaced it with another Clip this year and it works wonderfully.  Love the drag and drop access.  It's small, light and one charge lasts me an entire week of running.

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