Advice: How to manage repeated ankle injury when mixing sports? (Read 827 times)

    I run year round, and curl in the winter. When I'm curling and running, I get pain in my left ankle, which is achilles tendonitis according to the drop-in physio. I hate having to reduce my running, which is my normal response, because once it starts it won't go away unless I take time off running. Unfortunately, I'm not really willing to give up curling completely, mainly because I'm better at it than running, and havn't had a chance to take it as seriously as I have running since I havn't found competitive teams successive years due to moving around. The solutions I see are: 1. cut out quality and most of my volume in the winter 2. stop curling or running completely 3. try to change my curling delivery so it doesn't hurt my ankle (not even sure I can do it) 4. ? any suggestions ? Thanks, Craig

      I know nothing about curling, except when I see it on TV, every 4 years or so, so I'm not sure how that contributes to your injury, if at all. I think for this season, you may just need to decide which sport is more important to you and stick with that. Once you get this season behind you, why don't you find a good physical therapist or trainer and see what you can do about strengthening that Achilles. Victor
        I guess maybe I should explain a little, during a curling delivery, almost all of your weight is on one foot (the one with a slider) and it's in an extreme stretched position. For me, being locked in that position just during the delivery seems to be enough to tighten the muscle quite a bit. It may not be the curling that's doing it, but it does seem that way.