Stevie Ray asks a pre-Christmas favor (Read 1532 times)


    If you are online and have a few minutes (or more) on Sunday 12/23 or Christmas Eve, I'm hoping you will do me a solid.


    This is a link to the streaming radio feed for KAPA FM


    It's a station on the big island of Hawai'i that plays a mix of contemporary Hawai'ian music (which is basically reggae-influenced boring stuff; nothing amazing) and old school traditional Hawai'ian music.  This time of year, some Christmas stuff. And in between, hilariously bad ads and DJs who speak da pidgin. 


    Anyway, if you are online for a bit Sunday or Monday, click the link and listen for awhile.  I'd appreciate it a lot more than will make sense in writing.


    No, this is not spam nor a strangely coded ad for something.  No, you will not hear "me" mentioned by the station. They don't know me from adam or eric.   It's just music and goofy ads. Oh, right now the graphic for the station will pop up something about United Way.  Don't click that. Just listen to some music and silly ads.  


    Smile and feel warm.


    Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka.



    Skirt Runner

      Cool! I was in Hawaii for Christmas last year so it will bring back happy memories.


      Good luck with your procedures Stevie Ray!

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      I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to


      Space Cadet

        Will do.

        Old , Ugly and slow

          I  will be glad to.

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          Will run for scenery.

            I spent a week on the big island for work, and during my half hour commute listened to KAPA. I loved it. I liked the more authentic stuff for what it was, and the dorky pop Jawaian stuff too. Prolly the only place in the US with truly local radio stations playing local music by 'local superstars'.

            I also loved the mac nut pie. I don't know how to stream mac nut pie, so I guess I'll stream some KAPA.

            Stupid feet!

            Stupid elbow!

              I will give it a listen.  All new things are good things.   Only question is why is 12/23, 12/24 the dates that one should listen vice another day?

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                I will be going through some stuff those two days.


                Listening to my music for me will make me happy and is kind of spiritual and shit.


                (edit: however, the station can be kind of hypnotic for some, and if you like it by all means listen whenever you can.  Da Big Island is ono.)


                  Bookmarked ready to go.


                  Good luck.


                  May Santa bring good news for you.

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                    i'll be tuning in too.



                    My leg won't stop mooing.


                    i think i've got a calf injury.

                      I'm going to listen while driving...hoping it isn't that hypnotic...thanks for sharing.


                      MTA: my "that" was supposed to be slanty, you know, for emphasis.

                      Canadian princess

                        That is probably as close as I will ever get to Hawaii. I'll tune in.

                        old woman w/hobby


                          And good luck with it all, SRL


                          MTA:  My prayers are with you.  I enjoyed meeting you at Monkey and 

                          look forward to seeing you next year.



                          Just run.


                          Chief Unicorn Officer

                            Good luck to you, Stevie!

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                              Of course! I'll pray that all goes well.

                                I will get the treadmill going, tune in, pretend I'm running on the beach, and send warm thoughts your way. Big grin

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