Stevie Ray asks a pre-Christmas favor (Read 1532 times)

    I will make sure to listen, srlopez.  It will bring back memories of my visit to the Big Island last year and increase even more my anticipation for my return visit next May. Good luck for whatever you must go through over the next couple of days, and best wishes for the holidays.


    Goddess of the Cuisine

      I hope for the best for you and your family, Stevie Ray. Thanks for the link, I will definitely listen.

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        OK.  I'll tune in on the drive home from my race tomorrow.

          I'll be listening on my drive north.


          Wishing the best for you.

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          Proboscis Colossus

            I'll give it a listen, and pray for you during that time.  Whatever it is, hope it works out.

            "God guides us on our journey, but careful with those feet." - David Lee Roth, of all people


              Looking forward to it.

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              My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

              A Saucy Wench

                Absolutely!  Maybe I'll even dress my kids up in grass skirts and do the hula. 

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                  Thanks folks.


                  This landed in the weird zone of being super cryptic for some, like what we call "vaguebooking"... as if I'm fishing for folks to ask me about it and say "there there" and stuff.  No to the first, maybe a little yes to the second :-/.   (slantyclaus is for knifey).  Hey, I'm honest.


                  Anyway, it's a health thing. My bone marrow is a whiny little punk. Which turns my blood into a whiny little punk.  Sometimes it is worse than others. I bring it up periodically here, which is why this wasn't intended to be that cryptic... probably more often than I should, but hey, it has shaped my life over the past twenty years... usually in terms of stuff that has happened in the past. 


                  It is trying to come back, and I've been trying to pull a Gandalf ("you shall not pass") on it for a few months.  Some weeks are better than other weeks.


                  Sunday and Monday, I have the next round of seemingly endless tests to see what's what.  I won't go into it here, but anyone who wants to know more can PM me.  The tests kind of suck. I've had them all before. I know what's what.


                  Why the thread?  Because planets aligned such that this gets to be my Christmas present to myself. I hope Jesus doesn't mind the Gandalf reference. I'd take good vibes and magic from Dumbledore too. If he wasn't dead.


                  Anyway.  For to please and mahalo.


                  (KAPA is currently playing my favorite sad song in the universe right now.  Go me!)


                    Cool Stevie.





                    Imminent Catastrophe

                      Oh. I thought it was gender reassignment. 

                      I'll be listening.

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                        I gotta be ME!


                          I'll do the listening thing, Stevie Ray. Sending a few vibes along too.


                          Is it OK for a haole whose Hawaiian roots only go back six generations to say "mahalo?"

                            Will do. Good luck.

                              I'll tune in for sure. Sending you luck and good vibes.

                              One day at a time

                                I will tune in and think of you!


                                I'll have to get there one day.  I try not to be jealous that my 13-year-old got to go with a friend and her family, but I don't succeed.