Temperature field (Read 64 times)

    I find it useful to record temp + dew point as a truer measure of the conditions for a run.  But I notice that I can't use the temperature field for this purpose.  I think this field used to have edits which were removed, but it seems that the field must be a signed char field (8 bit) in "C speak" because any value keyed in over 127 is changed to 127.  Guess you can't do anything about that without a database restructure, right? Sad

      Yup.  The temperature is recorded as 8 bit field because it's sufficient to store all valid temperature values.  I open to adding new fields if I can get around to it.  I got a long list of things to add and there are only so many hours in a day :-(

        Ok, thanks much for the response.  Smile