Had to cut the run short today due to a fire!!!!!!!!! (Read 107 times)

    So I remember a previous post about the weirdest thing you've seen while running and I had a good one this morning.   I went out for an easy 10 miler a little after 5am this morning and about 5 miles in I came up on a house that had smoke coming out of the attic in the front and the back.   It was just getting light out and I was pounding on the door at about 5:45am of the house with nobody answering.   I then went to a neighbors house and pounded on that door with no answer as well.   Finally I flagged down a car on a sidestreet that was driving by that was able to call 911.   The neighbor then came out and we were able to go inside the house (he left his side door unlocked) and we were pretty sure nobody was in there, however, we really coudln't get upstairs see pic: (http://www.wbay.com/story/23237235/2013/08/23/update-fire-causes-heavy-damage-at-little-chute-home)  to the attic area because the smoke was so bad already.   Fire department arrived about 5 minutes later and I was on my way home.   Since my wife was waiting to do her run and I had to get home to go to work, I had to turn the run into an 8 miler instead, however, I must say that while running home I had so much adrenaline going that I felt like I could have run four minute miles at that point.   Crazy start to the day to say the least.


      Good thing you were there!


      Running is stupid


        Great job taking control of the situation and getting the wheels in motion to save lives if necessary, get the fire dept., etc.  Nice work, sir!

        - Joe

        We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.