Pain on the outside of knee (Read 378 times)


    Yesterday I entered and finished a 57kms trail run. Very early in the race I started feeling pain on the outside of right leg knee. It only hurted after those parts I had to walk because they were too steep to run (for me at least). When I started running again it really hurt and I had to take it slowly and after one or two milles the pain disappeared.

    Today if I touch that part of the knee it hurts a litle and it feels warm. It also hurts a bit when walking especially when going downstairs.


    What maybe the cause of this?

    Should I stop running completely until the pain goes away?


    Thank you!!!


      Sounds like how my ITBS flairs up.  I'm lucky my case is mild.  The worst I get is a shooting pain while running for about 30 seconds that gradually goes away as I slow down and keep going.  If it is ITBS my doctor said I could keep going so long as it doesn't get any worse and to just slow down or stop and walk when I have active pain.

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        It certainly sounds like it could be ITBS. Get a foam roller and start rolling. Even if it's not ITBS, rolling won't hurt you. You can also use one of those electric massage gadgets to massage the sides of your thighs. If it is ITBS, when you loosen up the band, the pain will stop.

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          Yes, it does sound like your ITB. I was having some problems with mine back in the spring. Ice, stretches and foam rolling is what fixed it for me- I hope yours learns to behave itself soon!



          Bless your heart.


            First of all thanks for your advice.


            The most curious thing happened to me last friday. After not running the whole week Friday evening I went for a 10kms easy run to see how the knee behaved since it was hurting a lot less. I could run the distance and the knee pain was just a small nuisance not really pain. When I got home I made some ab exercises, thing I rarely do. When I did side planks on my left side the pain disappeared completely and hasn't come back yet.


            I didn't run during the weekend but surely it was weird.