Mixed Martial Arts and Running (Read 82 times)


    I'm a runner who got into MMA recently. I'm curious if anyone else here does both, and if so, how they schedule everything to train at a high level yet avoid overtraining.


      I don't do mixed martial arts, but I have been doing aikido for many years as well as running consistently for many years.


      I've found that when training at a high level in one, the other often suffers. It could be that I've never found the balance point, though.


      I suspect it might be the same with mixed martial arts and running.

      Maggie & Molly

        I do both - well I primarily do standup.  I have to admit to recently overtraining.  Finding the balance between the two is the trick.  MMA training is rather high intensity most of the time so making sure you have recovery time is crucial.  When training for a specific race I have to cut back my MMA time so that my running is stronger.  When I am running, just to run, I can manage it better.   good luck!!

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          You are going to have to cut back on the running to three days a week. Just make them three quality runs.

          Try to work the top one day and the bottom the next so part of you is resting. There are not going to be enough days for many rest days.