Logout - and didn't wan't to (Read 616 times)

    If I don't do anything for a period of time, or if I'm tabbed to another site, come back, then refresh, I have to log back in. This seems a little inconvenient, not as bad as active/cr Tongue but you know what I mean. Is there a fix for this? Windows xp home edition service pack 2 Mozilla Firefox
      On the home page where you log in, be sure to check the box, "Log in Automatically". This keeps your login from timing out and dropping you. I've been there. I'm a slow typer and I would take a long, long time to enter notes into my run entry. Then when I clicked save, it would take me to "you must login". Then I would try to backspace. No good, all your text is gone!


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        Thanks. I normally never check this feature.