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    Does anyone have any experience with On running shoes? My wife has a pair for casual wear and loves them. They also have running shoes but I've never heard anyone mention them.




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      The On shoes are good.  I felt that small rocks easily got stuck in the tread and open spaces, though.  Like any manufacturer, there are many different models-  some lighter than others, some with more cushioning.  I wore some a few years ago and liked them, but there are other brands that work better for me.   I would try some on, for sure.

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        I sold my pair on cloud on ebay because of the low drop.

        They are pretty cool though and many runners wear them these days - its a bit like the hokas.

          A LRS owner I now started carrying them last year, and she likes them. I tried a couple different models on but found them lacking enough cushion or footbed comfort for my tastes.

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            I had never heard of ON shoes before today, when I was searching on Google, and clicked on an ad (something I rarely do) for Fleet Feet, which featured the On CloudStratus. I read the sales  info, then read several reviews. I am not convinced they are worth the extra $$ they cost compared to other shoes.


            I have anatomically flat feet, so I have always run in stability or control (what's the difference between the two?) shoes like Mizuno Wave and Saucony Grid Stabil and Guide.

            My most recent shoes are the Asics Gel Kayano 25. So far, I am really liking the Kayano's, but I will need a 2nd pair soon, as I like to switch off.

            Before the Asics Kayano, I was running in Saucony Guide 10. I would have bought a pair of Guide Iso, but I didn't like the reviews I read.


            So, I'm asking myself: Should I try a pair of these ON shoes, and if so, which ones are best for me. The Cloud Stratus are supposed to be a support shoe, but from what I have read, ON does not believe in correcting the form, so I don't know if their shoes would work for me.

            Perhaps though, if I could find a place to buy their shoes at discount (say $100 for the $150 Stratus), I might try a pair.

            That said, I am a bit worried about what has been said about small stones getting stuck in the outsole due to its tubular construction and spacing. This might be a problem for me, as much of my running is on unpaved trails. Not rough enough to warrant a trail shoe, but certainly lots of small stones.


            What's your take on 'ON' shoes?


            Thanks for your help



              I have been trying a pair for the last month or so. They generally feel good but I feel like I'm in between sizes. The 11 was too small (short) but the 11.5 is to loose in the heel. Thicker sox help but maybe just a thing with my feet versus the shoe. I think they are worth trying but I'm guessing mine soon transition to a everyday walk around shoe with thicker sox.  Add in the expense, and difficulty finding any for a discount, and I doubt I will try again.


                Thanks for the reply;

                I too may be in-between size 11.5 and 12, but always choose the 12. I have found that some shoes (but not all) can be laced up tighter in one area or the other to prevent problems. Perhaps lacing tighter at the top of the shoe would help with the looseness in the heel. With the Cloud Stratus (maybe with other ON shoes as well), they have double eyelets. From what I read, the outer ones are supposed to allow for a tighter fit. You may need to try some fancy lacing schemes to get the right amount of support where you need it. I think for a loose heal, I would use a double-tiered system, where you go partway up the shoe and pull to desired tension, tie it, then continue lacing up to the top and finish. That method allows you to have two different tensions. I don't think I have done it for my running shoes recently, but I seem to recall a pair of hiking boots where there was too much room in the heel, so I tied midway or 2/3 up and then a tighter lacing up to the top. Of course hiking boots are a whole different animal, so I'm not sure how well that would work with low cut running shoes.


                I have purchased all of my running shoes online without trying them on first - even new brands/models. So far I haven't needed to return or retire any of them early, but I don't think I would risk doing that with the ON shoes, since they are so much different than what I have been wearing.




                  I've tried the outer holes for lacing and a couple lacing routines but they still feel loose. But, I'll try your recommendation before casting the shoes into the casual wear heap!


                    Well, on the up side, you will still make use of the shoes. I suppose that visiting a good running store would reduce the chances of buying a shoe that just doesn't fit you. I used to do that, but now it's all about trying to get the best price... until I can get sponsored by Nike, Asics, or other major mfr..