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    I'm still looking for a heart rate monitor app that will talk to my Polar chest strap. I haven't found one yet. Has anybody else?

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      Don't want to hijack this thread... but Garmin strap as well - or any HRM strap. I'm looking for one as well.

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        This might work for Garmin users.

          What smartphone do you have?

          I use the Polar wearlink+ with bluetooth in combination with Runkeeper, Cardiotrainer or HRnavi.

          But as far as I know, Polar Wearlink+ can only be used in combo with an android phone, not with an iPhone...


          I had problems (erratic readings) a few times, but I have the impression this was due to the cold and dry weather and one specific shirt I was wearing.

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            I have a Droid. I'll check those out. Thanks.