feet and lower calf cramps...how'd that happen? (Read 468 times)

    My 5th hm and I've done a full marathon and have never, ever, not once, ever, gotten cramps. I'm pretty sure that's what was happening by mile 9, seriously killing me at mile 10 and 11 and almost threw me down by the finish. what did I do wrong? was it salt I needed or potassium? Pre race I usually have a Red BUll (have this over the course of 2 hours before race time) and I did have this. I ate a quesadilla. Which is usually ok. But many times I eat something light and salty, usually a handful of funyuns. NOthing new really... I almost never eat bananas. I don't hate them. I'd just rather eat anything else but bananas. Also, the day before the race, I drank at least a gallon of water, if not more. Race morning my urine was clear. And I drank a 24oz water in the 3 hours before the race. so, any ideas? Confused I really don't want this to ever happen again. Undecided
    Jennifer mm#1231
      Do you drink water while you run?
        The red bull could be the problem. All the caffine and suger in it dehydrates you which causes cramping. It's actually baned in a few countries because of its health risks (besides dehydration it lowers your blood suger which strains your heart) I dont know how you could ever make it 13 miles on red bull anyways you should get a huge boost of energy and then crash after awhile. If you want caffine like energy i suggest eating apples they are a very high source if natural caffine. If your not going to eat bananas than you should take vitamins with potassium or drink gatorade. Also you should drink some water or gaterade during the race.

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          Thank you! I drank the powerade during the race ... I'm really leaning toward the idea that the day before I drank so much water, I was low on salt. That is the only thing different that happened that I can think of. I'll have to think about the red bull stuff...it's my coffee! I don't see me giving it up, LOL. Dead
          Jennifer mm#1231