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John Rustle

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    I'm in the market for a new pair and would like something durable, non-slip and sweatproof. Interested to hear what your favorite running glasses are.  Thanks in advance!

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      Whatever I find at CVS.  Anything I buy for $20 there will last a couple years and I'll never lose it.  If I spend >$50 on a pair it will either break quickly or I will lose it.

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        I was in the same boat as spaniel for many years, never trusting myself with anything but a cheap pair.  But the last ones, I was able to hang on to for many years, so when they finally got some distracting scratches, I treated myself to a $60 pair of Tifosi...umm..."Radius," I think.


        There is a difference, and it's worth the extra $40, IMO.  Still wouldn't be able to bring myself to go over $100 on a pair, though.

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          I have horrible eyesight, so mine are prescription.  They're made by RecSpecs.  My eyes are bad enough that I cannot get Oakleys or just about any other "designed brand"--they only accept lenses up to a certain thickness.


          I do not want to talk about how much they cost. :-P

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            As far as sunglasses go, most any sports type frame have worked well for me. I like the ones with the rubberized earpeices for keeping them in place and staying on my head when I'm not using them.


            I'm not sure what you mean by "sweatproof"


            The most important thing to look for is the UV protection statement.


            Like Spaniel, I buy the cheap ones except lately I have ordered Dual Wear brand for the bi-focal option. I'm not far away from needing prescription sunglasses anyway.

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              +1 for Tifosi. Great sunglasses and you can usually find pretty good deals on eBay.

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                My sunglasses are a brand called Ryders I got at my LRS for about $50.

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                  Love my Tifosi. So lightweight and comfortable that I forget I have them on.


                    Ironman.  $20 at Target.  Lightweight and durable.

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                      I have the same exact sunglasses, color and all. I think my wife paid 15.99 @ Kroger. For the money they are not bad.


                      Ironman.  $20 at Target.  Lightweight and durable.

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                        I never wear sunglasses. My prescription would make them super expensive and then I would break or lose them. I just wear regular glasses for running and a hat if I need it for sun.

                        John Rustle

                        ^^^fussy biatch

                          Ironman.  $20 at Target.  Lightweight and durable.


                          Hmmm not bad.  May have to check at target.  Thanks.


                          Tifosi glasses look nice, especially the jet wraps, but I've heard they run rather small.


                            Most important thing is to put them on and jump around like an idiot in the store to make sure they don't slide around on your head.

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                              I have best luck with cheap sunglasses off the rack too.  Any time I have bought sport ones, they are made of plastic and always crack in half at the nose.  I tend to be hard on my gear though.

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                                Ironman.  $20 at Target.  Lightweight and durable.



                                These look perfect for the job.  Smile

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