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    My son, 15, is a long-distance runner and would like some sort of MP3 player for Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good one? I know NOTHING about this subject! TIA, Teresa
      I have an iPod Shuffle & love it! It holds over 200 songs, so plenty for even a long run. I bought mine through Apple.com and got a refurbished one for a much lesser price(thanks to Zoomy for finding this deal for me). You can't tell it isn't new & came with a 1yr warranty. Who needs video screens, etc when they are running? The Shuffle is tiny, light, you barely notice it's there. I'd consider different headphones though, the ones that come with it aren't overly comfortable (though I'm too cheap to buy other ones, so I make them work!).
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        Yep, I have a 1 year old Nano (2nd gen) and would have been just as happy with a Shuffle. Plus I like that it can be clipped anywhere. I tend to stick to one playlist at a time, anyhow, and really don't use my screen when I'm running (which is about the only time I use my iPod), so the Shuffle really would have served my needs better--plus it's cheap. k

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          I recommend getting a IPOD Nano if it's within your budget. You can pick up old IPOD Nano's and Mini's fairly cheap... if used or refurbished is an option for you. "Who needs video screens?" If you aren't running it comes in handy! modal


            Another vote for the Shuffle ... it's little, easy to clip anywhere, relatively cheap, and perfect for running.
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              Love the Shuffle. So small and light... you barely notice its there. JR

                Creative makes several players that are really good. Much cheaper if you dont care about popular brand names. I have the 30G and really like it. Although, it's bigger than most like for running long distance. DB

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                  I have the iPod Shuffle and am another very satisfied customer. Pros - Inexpensive price point, very light, more than enough capacity for running purposes, built-in clip. Cons - No screen, no video, not flexible with song lists, no search capability The cons were no big deal for me because I'm not real picky what song is playing when I'm running and the video screen capability would go mostly unused.

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                    i got this sony sports mp3 player last year as a gift. i absolutely love it. you can change songs and playlists really easily (that silver thing rotates around to switch so you don't have to look) and it has a pedometer, timer, as well as a sensor that will let you pick playlists for different activities based on your speed - fast, slow, walking, running, etc. the display is really bright and easy to read. have i mentioned i love it? Smile
                      I too like the Nano. I'm not fortunate enough to have a Garmin, so I'll use the "stopwatch" feature on the Nano. I mainly listen to talk shows on it, so the shuffle doesn't really do well with that... also a pain if you're looking for a specific album/song without a screen.

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                        Thanks for all the great input! I went ahead and ordered an iPod Shuffle on Amazon.com. Only $75, which was less than I expected. My son's not into the teen scene or music in particular, so this player should be perfect for him. He gets to spend the holidays with my folks in Texas, so he should get lots of chances to use it (better running than in Maine, where we live!).

                          I have a sansa sandisk, which I really like. It's small and does what I need for running. In addition, it operates on a AAA battery. That's nice because I often don't remember to charge my cellphone, let alone an mp3 player. It also came in handy during a long layover in Atlanta. My son has an ipod. Both our units went dead due to the batteries going dead. He had packed his charger, so he was SOL. I went to the nearest store, bought a battery and was back in business.