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    I am currently on week 6 of 18 using Hal Higdon's training for San Diego RnR marathon, and up till this week I have made every run. Due to some work/home conflicts I missed my tues (3m) and weds (6m) planned runs. Today is supposed to be 3m, but I am going to do 6 to make up for yesterday. My question is, tomorrow is supposed to be rest prior to Sat 12m. I have been thinking I need to run 3m to make up for one of the lost 3m days, but I don't want to overdo it prior to the long run. Advice??

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      Missing a short run isn't the end of the world. I think that the rest before the long run would be more important.
        Just got done running my 6 miles after a 4 day break. Rough! After 3 mi, the mid-day sun was beating me down, and sweat was pouring into my eyes. I ended up walking about 100 yds at 3 mi, which seemed to help. Kinda like a halftime break. I guess there is something to that whole walking helps you run. All my runs up till now, have been runs, and I have been proud (ok, dumb) that I hadn't walked up till now. Time to rethink that (ego, get out of the way)... I'll take the break tomorrow and not sweat the missed runs, plus try to work in some walking into my 12 miler on sat.
          I wouldn't stress about missed runs yet. Even if you miss a mid week run, just don't miss the long run. Smile
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          I've got a fever...

            I wouldn't stress about missed runs yet. Even if you miss a mid week run, just don't miss the long run. Smile
            Good point. The long runs and any scheduled speed workouts are keys. Missing a few maintenance runs won't hurt you a bit.

            On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.


              Ditto on what everyone has said. Definitely don't sweat missing the short stuff. You're in the minority if you've gone 6 weeks without missing a workout...that's incredible in itself...kudos! At some point you may even miss a long run, or a speed session. You should substitute out a shorter maintenance run to make up for the missed long run or speed workout...if your schedule allows it (i.e., don't move a speed session immediately before a long run, or vice versa). Don't let missed/substituted workouts hurt your confidence either. An 18 week program will have you incredibly prepared for a great race. Keep rolling and good luck!
                Took friday off, and ran 12mi today.. Fairly easy pace, but did not stop to walk. Felt good up until afterwards when me and a few friends went and hit a bucket of golf balls. Not a good idea after a 12 mile run. Thanks for the reissurance, I won't sweat missing a couple runs here and there, so long as I can still knockout the long runs. They're getting longer, too. 13mi next sat, will feel real good when I finish that one, will probably run the extra .1 for that extra confidence builder.