Training progress towards my 3:35 marathon goal (Read 748 times)


    I'm currently training for my 3rd marathon. I ran two marathons in 2010, with a time of 4:54 for the 1st, 3:50 for the 2nd. Now I'm on a quest to break 3:35 this coming November at the Marshall University Marathon. I'm using the Run Less, Run Faster training plan (3 days of running - focusing on track, tempo, and faster long runs, plus 2 days of crosstraining per week).


    Today I saw a breakthrough! I did a repeat Airdyne workout that I did exactly 4 weeks ago. 8 minutes easy, 30 hard, then 7 easy = 45 minutes total. I was monitoring my heart rate with my Garmin Forerunner. When I was finished, I compared my heart rate doing the same workout 4 weeks ago, to today.


    5/16/11 = 169 average/183 max. (20.33 miles per hour)

    6/13/11 = 155 average/173 max  (20.41 miles per hour)


    I've had 4 weeks of track intervals, tempo runs, faster long runs, plus a 5K race of 9+ effort 2 days ago, and it looks as though I'm making some good progress. My cardiovascular system is getting stronger!


    This IS a step in the right direction, right?

      I'll watch your progress to see if this'll work.  a 3:35 marathon off 20 MPW will be quite an achievement.


      Regarding that airdyne workout, I'd rather go with actual race results to gauge your improvement.  For ex on those 3.2 mile races you have in your log,going from 25:51 to 25:18 is good progress in a month.  I find that the cross-trainig workouts get easier as we get used to using the machines especially if you have just started using them.


        Hi, and thanks Happy Feet! 


        The weekly mileage I've been running isn't from the marathon training plan - it's the beginning weeks of the half marathon training program from Run Less, Run Faster.  I've been following the 1/2 marathon training program to focus alittle more on speedwork until the 17 weeks training plan starts next month. 


        The Run Less, Run faster plan does claim to be about 1/2 the running mileage of a traditional marathon training program, however - considerable less than the mileage I used with Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning program (which topped off a 55 MPW). I don't think the Run Less Run Faster plan has a week over 40. Should be interesting to compare to results.