Vibram FiveFingers by the foot? Interest in Mismatched pairs? (Read 313 times)


    Hello All,

    A few days ago, I got my first pair of VFFs.  While they are very interesting to run in, and I feel like I am getting a better workout in them than shoes - I am not a fan of the fit...

    After reading through all the numerous guides out there - I decided to go with the pair that would fit my larger foot.  While the larger foot fits great - the other foot kinda has some slack and is annoying!  

    After remeasuring my feet throughout the week I have found the difference in my feet length is constantly more than 1/6" - the maximum difference that suggests when buying fivefingers.  My difference is 1/4" - a whole fivefinger size. - the only solution appears to be getting another pair in the smaller size....

    Researching more about this phenomenon - I find that 60% of the people out there have one foot noticeably bigger than the other.

    Long story short - I was thinking I could start a venture where I could offer Vibram Five Fingers by the foot - you could order one size for one foot and one size for another.  In the end, they would cost 35-50% more but thats better than paying 100% more.

    I am just seeing if this idea would pan out - and see if there would be any interest?