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    I am a long time swimmer and just recently took up running for exercise. I am using some cheap shoes that i had lying around and i am experiencing some discomfort while running. I have always had pretty bad shin splits when running in the past which prevented me from running any kind of distance. I recently purchased the Dr. Scholls Active Series foot inserts and these helped my shin splints 100%. However, I am still experiencing some foot and log pain. On my most recent run I felt some discomfort in the arch of my foot. I have high arches and i thought that the inserts helped because of this. I only run for around 20 minutes and am experiencing some discomfort. I am 5"10 195 pounds. Can anyone recommend some decent running shoes that may help out my problems?





      Go to a reputable running store and let them analyze your gait and make recommendations.  They should take video of you running on a treadmill, watch you walk and run, ask questions, etc.  Once they give you recommendations, many of the helpful posters on this site can give you comparable options.


      BTW, welcome to running.  Check in here often.  I started about one year ago, and the folks on this site have been extremely helpful and encouraging.



        How fast are you running for those 20 minutes? You need to start slow, probably slower than you think, until your feet and legs grow accustomed to the stresses of running.


        I like the Active Series inserts, but I think that for people with high arches like you and me, "RunPro Insoles - High Arch Profile" by currexSole are even better. You can find them on Amazon. They're a little more expensive than Dr. Scholl's, but they're the best I've found.


        Go slow! 

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