macbook air help (Read 51 times)

    Oh my. My 9 month old MacBook air was fine an hour ago, just tried to start it up again and get a flashing folder symbol with a question mark on it.

    That's bad, right? So now what?


    Modified to clarify I did try the recovery steps listed on the apple support site...the computer wants.to do internet recovery (whatever that means) but it's not finding my wireless network. Wtf??????


    Just thought someone here might have a clue.

      Is it finding other wireless networks in your neighborhood?

        Yes it finds ten or so networks, but not mine. Which I am using now to type this, and my husband is also online, and the MacBook was fine with up up to now!

          If it's not picking up your network, and is picking up everyone elses, then either  a setting has changed in your router software or the router needs rebooting. Try rebooting from the modem to the Macbook. Unplug the modem and router, turn off your Macbook. Then plug the modem in, wait until it's  going. Then plug the router in, wait until it's fully going, then boot your Mac. If it still isn't showing up, look into the router software on your Mac, and make sure it hasn't returned to a factory setting or something, and is now in a stealth mode where you have to enter the name of the network and password manually,  because it doesn't show up on the wi-fi list. Good luck.