Cycling Speeds (Read 534 times)

    I didn't see this posted here already, hopefully I did not overlook it, but I would like to enter speed data other than just the calculated speed, like max speed and maybe some information about the number of speeds and max speed attained during them? As a side bar, this site is so awesome, thank you for your wonderful contribution!
      jcarouth, I'm not a serious cyclist so I don't know what fields are important in the sport. Could you come up with a list of basic metrics for cycling so I can add them all at the same time? Thanks! eric Smile
        Hey eric, I wouldn't call myself and serious cyclist either, but the main categories I think are import are 1.1 Average Speed 1.2 Max Speed 2. Cadence 3. Distance 4. Heart Rate 5.1 Elevation 5.2 Climb (elevation change in the upwards direction) 5.3 Descent (same as 5.2 but downwards) 6. Calories Burned I noticed that you already have numbers 1.1, 3, 4, 5.1 and 6 done. Perhaps someone else will read this and pick up anything I have missed..
          Thanks for the list of cycling metrics. I have a list of metrics requests for the various workouts. I'll add them when I get a chance. If anyone else have a request, here's your chance!