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    Weather: Nice race report and congrats again on the great race execution, placement, and PR!  I hope you'll look at a cool fall marathon; maybe something up north where you could combine with a visit to your folks. You had a great time, and in that heat and humidity, so you have to wonder what you can do in cool conditions!  Who knows, maybe you'll get nice weather at Boston, though that seems to be rare there.


    Finbad: Great looking week and mileage.


    Lela: Nice week and long run.


    Andres: I can understand the low motivation, you just ran a great half and then had the flu. The flu really drains energy.  It will come back (looks like it already is based on this morning's run!). Focusing on MP sounds like a good plan.


    Swim: Steady does it.


    DCV: Careful listing all that biking in your table, Mikkey will scold you for it 


    TN: Looks like a solid week and it's good to hear the calf issue is resolved. That progressive MLR was great. As long as you listen closely to your body you should be ok.


    Kram: Nice week.  It's good to see those classic Kram TM workouts again on Strava!  Re your cardio being shot to shit... this morning's workout disproved that I think!


    My last week was lost to getting over a nasty cold. Although it was on the way out by Sunday I decided not to do the half as it most likely would have been a disappointing performance, and might have dragged out the cold even longer.

    5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)

    Up next: Erie Marathon (Sept. 8)


      Finbad - Awesome job getting back to 75.  I think it's been 2 years since I've hit that in a week.  With your comeback, I'm most impressed that you've managed, in short time it appears, to get the long run up high and at a quick pace.  Looking good for your London prep.




      Thanks Andres, I've only ever hit 80 miles in 3 weeks ever and am planning to try to surf around there for a few weeks whilst keeping the long runs longish. I am still trying to be paranoid about any little niggles but am doing lots of self-massage and my guide on recovery days is to run slow enough that there is no discomfort at all. Fingers crossed.

      Upcoming; 3rd May Scottish 5k champs, 9th May Helensburgh 10k, 16th May Dumbarton 10k, 24th May Monument mile, 26th May Shettleston 10k, 1st June Killearn trail 10, 2nd June Milngavie trail race, 16th June 7 hills of Edinburgh, 12th October TAMA half marathon, 27th October Leeds Abbey dash 10k


        Interesting article by Alex Hutchinson on running power meters.  Given the success Dan has had with his Stryd, should be interesting for this group.




          Interesting article by Alex Hutchinson on running power meters.  Given the success Dan has had with his Stryd, should be interesting for this group.




          Interesting article.  Thanks for sharing.  It's written in a way that if you're either for it or against it, you can get something out of it, but if you're neutral, doesn't help all that much.  I'm neutral, and what I've taken away from it is it's still too early to tell how useful it is.  Seems like it's not really power that the meters are measuring (I read something similar about a review on dcrainmaker).  Ray Maker's and this article seem to suggest that the different products just kind of spit out a number that somewhat correlates to power, in whatever way that they've decided to correlate it.  And as of now, there's no real way of determining whether one power reading is more accurate than another (and they each seem to vary significantly).


          As for it being the key to Dan's success, I have some doubts.  Or at least I think that's a smaller part.  From my limited overview of Dan's last cycle, it seemed like there were two new things that he introduced:  1. a coherent training agenda put together by a coach somewhat specifically for him; and 2. the power meter.  Dan seems to have messed up the balance with high mileage, high quality, and the coach laid out some stuff for him that let him get even more quality, but spaced in a way that he didn't over do it.  He also seemed to have a problem with running things by whatever the prescribed effort was for the workout.  The meter helped that.  My guess is that the coherent plan had way more to do with his success than the tool that helped him run within the right guidelines.  I also think that if you already do a decent job of staying within the guidelines, or below, a power meter may not be all that helpful for you.


          In the end, I don't see myself getting a power meter any time soon.  It's not something that I want to be dependent on and obsess over it by constantly checking my watch, becoming overly reliant on some tool that tells me what I should do.  Kind of like the Office episode where Michael drives himself in to the lake because his GPS told him to turn at the boat ramp instead of the bridge.

          Upcoming races:  I dunno.


            Interesting article indeed. I bought a Stryd myself. I actually don’t use the power meter at all, as I only use it for pacing. I got tired of GPS giving random readings when in between buildings or cloudy weather (both are common here). I think the pacing is still a little off, if the real benchmark would be a online mapping tool; but only 1-2% compared to 5% on GPS.


            As to running, this will be my first week back at 120k or 75m. Still mostly easy running at avg 7:40-8:00 mph. Did a tentative tempo, but this showed me that I am still far away from race ready fitness. Still 9 months to go however till race day.


            Good running and racing out there!

            Elite Jogger

              Do any of the elites use a power meter?


              Run-in-HK - Welcome to the thread, I ran Amsterdam last October for the 2nd time and loved the course and place (but sooo many cyclists!) and the start/finish at the Olympic stadium was amazing!


              My last couple of weeks...


              Mon - 10 @ 8:39

              Tue - 14 @ 8:11

              Wed - 17 @ 7:24 w/3x3 @ 6:20 TM

              Thur - 10 @ 8:48

              Fri - 14 @ 7:49 w/5x2k @ 6:07 TM

              Sat - 12 @ 7:17 (progression run) TM

              Sun - 18 @ 8:17

              Total - 95


              Mon - 16 @ 7:31 TM

              Tue - 10 @ 8:57

              Wed - 20 w/8 @ 8:09 then 4x3 @ 6:23 TM

              Thur - 8 @ 10:10

              Fri - 12 @ 7:17 w/6 @ 6:31 TM

              Sat - 18 @ 7:56

              Sun - 7 @ 8:25

              Total - 91

              5k - 17:53 (2019)   10k - 37:53 (2018)   Half - 1:23:18 (2019)   Full - 2:50:43 (2019)


                Mikkey - really solid looking training. I've been trying to up my miles so can now appreciate the relentless grind of just getting that done day after day.


                My week

                fine mostly, should have run harder on Thursday but couldn't make myself want to. Happy with today. Should really have tried to log an extra 0.6M somewhere this week but hey ho.

                Weekly Summary
                Monday, Jan 29, 2018 thru Sunday, Feb 04, 2018

                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                Day Miles Pace Description Link
                Mon 9.2 8:10 Halted by the giant hedge cutter strava
                Tue 12.5 7:48 January, February, mortuary strava
                Wed 9.4 7:38 Just tooling about, plus Montrose st. strava
                Thu 15.2 7:11 Garscube- 50 mins out and back strava
                Fri 4.0 8:34 There will be no miracles here strava
                Fri 3.0 8:08 Krk strava
                Sat 4.6 7:37 Ulcerate strava
                Sun 21.5 6:54 Mcmuffin strava
                  79.4 7:30    

                Upcoming; 3rd May Scottish 5k champs, 9th May Helensburgh 10k, 16th May Dumbarton 10k, 24th May Monument mile, 26th May Shettleston 10k, 1st June Killearn trail 10, 2nd June Milngavie trail race, 16th June 7 hills of Edinburgh, 12th October TAMA half marathon, 27th October Leeds Abbey dash 10k


                  Toledo w05/16
                  M      01 24 09        9.32      w/ 6x hill sprints
                  T       01 25 30       11.55     tm w/ 2wu + 5x1.5@6:00/:00/:56/:52/5:49 pace + 2cd, rec: 90s static, 0.5%
                           00 35 56         3.61     rec
                  W      01 15 56         9          tm easy
                  Th     -- -- --            URD       head cold 
                           00 44 43        5.23      easy
                  F       01 08 41       8.46       easy 
                  S      02 22 22       19.0       tm prog (8:12 --> 6:39) + 1cd  (7.3-9.0mph, 0.5/1% alternating every mile)
                  S      01 51 04        12.13    snowy w/ heavy legs


                  Good week for me. I managed to get 2 solid workouts in while navigating a head cold. I got off lightly there with focusing on sleep and then scratching a Thur morning workout, though I could feel it in my legs on Sat, where I was tired by mile 13. Still felt like I got a solid piece of endurance work in even though I would have liked a couple of miles more. Hope to get close to 90 this week and stay there until taper time.


                  Finbad: I suggest you sacrifice a virgin. I've heard it's the done thing in this miracles business. Another great LR this week.


                  Mikey: Continuing to pile on the mileage. Great work. How are you feeling? Accumulating any fatigue yet?


                  Power meters: I do all my quality stuff on the TM, so I don't see the need for a power meter. I don't really see the benefit myself. At our typical experience level, I think we know what paces are supposed to feel like. However, I can see the benefit of having a metric by which you can judge improvements in fitness. Good old tready certainly provides me with that.

                  5k: 17:32 (11/18) -- 10k: 38:47 (07/17) -- 10m: 60:23 (08/17)  -- 1/2: 1:22:32 (11/17) -- full: 2:49:26 (04/17)

                  2019 Goals: Assault on 2:40!         Next up: Indy Monumental (Nov 9)

                    Congrats to flyrunner!  fly eagles fly!


                      Paul2432/Power Meter discussion: Interesting article to read, I agree with Andres that it didn't do much for those who are neutral on the topic. I guess my take is this, power meters are more effective and useful tools in cycling than running and there isn't much that can close the gap enough (in my head)  to make it as useful for one as the other. I think the the 'running power meters' would be more useful for newer runners, or those struggling coming back from injury or illness or something. I think running it is much easier to gauge the 'internal effort sensor' than it is with cycling. Especially the more you run, the more in tune you are with your body and what is going on. I think the difference is that some people are better at listening to that internal gauge. I know for years I didn't listen to it and well...the results showed that. Maybe a device telling me I was doing so would have helped, but maybe not. The experience of crashing in late stages, dying on hills, and missing PR's taught me more I think. But, to each their own ya know? I guess, I wouldn't see elite runners using a running power meter like Mikkey asked...I just feel it cannot offer enough to make THAT big of a difference especially for those who have run so many more miles and should have a really good grip on their internal gauge (whether they choose to listen to it is totally up to them).


                      Mikkey- 2 solid 90+ weeks! 4 x 3 miles in a 20 miler is killer, nice work! My old coach once had me do an 18 with  2 x 3 mile at MP and  2 x 2 mile at Tempo in it...it's one of those you just can't wait for it to be done but builds unbelievable strength.


                      Finbad- Nice week of training I've had that issue about not wanting to push myself more at times. Mine has happened more on my easy runs though, but I guess it's better than the opposite and trying to race my easy runs. Solid 20+ at sub-7, great way to round out a solid week....even -0.6 miles (my OCD might have gotten the best of me on that!)


                      Kram- 5 x 1.5 good grief that is a beast of a workout, awesome progression. Loved the weekend TM progression, I think that is my favorite to do on the mill (was my 'long' this weekend too that way).


                      I had a 'cutback' week in mileage this past week before officially starting Buffalo training today. I have a loose plan right now but think  it will shape up pretty good. Combination of the workouts I did leading up to my 2:58 a few years ago and the workouts I was doing in 2016 (probably the best shape of my life) before I we got pregnant with my daughter {totally worth it obviously}. Hoping to race a shorter local race here in the next few weeks as a time trial to see where I am at to adjust my training paces accordingly. Flying a bit blind at moment on where I should be for workout paces, adjusted well the last few weeks but I think that it would be nice to have something more objective to go off of.

                      Mon 3 Miles 9:05  Treadmill recovery trot
                      Tues 7 Miles 7:03 Race pace cut-down (2MP/1 HMP/.75 10k/.5 5k--.25 easy between each)
                      Wed 4 Miles 8:36 Snowy Side Street Night Recovery Miles
                      Thurs 4 Miles 8:14 Snowy/Icy Side Street Night miles
                      Fri 5 Miles 8:30 Zoned out on the treadmill
                      Sat 5 Miles 8:01 Afternoon shake out outside
                      Sun 12 Miles 7:02 TM Strength progression: 8:36 down to 6:12
                      Total 40 Miles    

                      Pre-Baby PR's (all from 2015): 5k: 18:46  10k: 38:37 HM: 1:24:51 FM: 2:58:13

                      Postpartum PR's: 5k: 18:18 (2018)  HM: 1:21:14 (2019) FM: 2:57:06 (2018-12 mo PP)


                      Next Up: Erie Marathon





                        Kram that 5x1.5 was pretty filthy.


                        FInbad good solid week from the looks of it


                        Lela.  Love the cut back weeks because by the time Friday rolls around you really feel pretty good


                        As for power meters.  Super interesting stuff but I also prefer less date to look at and not more.  Gauging effort is more my style specially up in the mountains in Flagstaff


                        As for me 55 total this week with 2 pool workouts and a couple of days of strides.  The strides felt super awkward early in the week.  Kicking off serious rust but better by the end of the week, and actually probably some of the fastest ones I have ever run up here.  Still really out of shape and a ton of work to do, but starting to come around.  I have lots of races I am thinking of running once I start hitting actual WO's on the road.  So we ll see how those go.

                        HM: 1/17 1:18:53. FM: 12/18 2:46:04

                          Mikkey: Great looking weeks. I'm amazed at how you put in such huge mileage weeks on singles only; very impressive.


                          Finbad: Nice 80 mile week (I'll round it up) and speedy long run.


                          Kram: Excellent week especially considering you had a cold. Good idea to postpone the Thurs session. The 5 x 1.5 mi workout was filthy indeed.


                          Lela: Nice week and strong progression run.


                          Swim: Looks like things are coming back nicely, those pool workouts sound tough.


                          My week went ok; had a good hard 10 miles @ MP effort on the treadmill on Wednesday as my one hard workout.


                          I had a physical today and got some frustrating bloodwork results, my hemoglobin is low (11.8, for men the normal range is 14-18). Not something you want to be low as a distance runner!  Hematocrit and RBC count were also low but ferritin is in the normal range, so it probably is not due to not getting enough iron in my diet. Anyway, the doctor ordered more bloodwork to try to nail down the cause. It helps explain why I've been feeling worn out the last few months! I hope it's just a matter of taking some vitamin supplement and it will go back to normal.


                          Weekly Summary
                          Monday, Jan 29, 2018 thru Sunday, Feb 04, 2018

                          <tfoot> </tfoot>
                          Day Miles Pace Description Egain Link
                          Mon 10.1 8:18 Morning Run 607 strava
                          Tue 1.1 9:29 Too slippery! Retreating to the mill 55 strava
                          Tue 10.0 8:26 Morning Run on TM 0 strava
                          Wed 15.0 6:44 TM: 3 mi wu, 10 mi @ 9.3 mph (6:27), cd 0 strava
                          Fri 8.1 8:03 Morning Run on TM with some hills (4-8%) 0 strava
                          Sat 10.1 8:09 Lunch Run 515 strava
                          Sun 20.1 8:09 Long run 1176 strava
                            74.5 7:55   2353  

                          5K: 17:55 (2017)    HM: 1:23:57 (2016)    FM: 2:52:16 (2018)

                          Up next: Erie Marathon (Sept. 8)


                            JTReeves - pretty annoying about the blood levels since it could be have a bunch of different causes. Hope you can get it sussed out and hopefully a diet or supplement only fix to stabilise. I've read about heel-strike haemolysis leading to anaemia but never really made up my mind about its actual existence.

                            Upcoming; 3rd May Scottish 5k champs, 9th May Helensburgh 10k, 16th May Dumbarton 10k, 24th May Monument mile, 26th May Shettleston 10k, 1st June Killearn trail 10, 2nd June Milngavie trail race, 16th June 7 hills of Edinburgh, 12th October TAMA half marathon, 27th October Leeds Abbey dash 10k


                              Mikkey: Huge back to back weeks there!


                              Fin: NIce look LR - great pace!


                              Kram:  Looks like the workouts are coming around again.


                              Lela:  Nice looking week and a nice progression on Sun.   Would like to run Buffalo someday as it would be neat to do my hometown race.  BTW, kudos to you (and others) for getting out and running in the cold.  Just spent 4 days back in my hometown and ran a bit each day and boy was that cold and wind tough.  Probably should have found a treadmill on 1 or 2 of those, especially yesterday morning as the roads were slippery. Took a tumble turning a corner (even slowly).  Nothing serious other than a minor bruise on the knee, but it could have been worse.


                              Swim: nice week building back that base.


                              JT;  Another solid week.  Huge MP workout in there as well.  Hope you get those blood results back into the normal range.  And yes that likely explains why you might have been feeling so rough lately.


                              My first week post-marathon (last Sunday).  Took two days completely off, but did walk quite a bit on both of those days.  Flew up to visit family on Thursday so got to experience running in frozen weather for a change.  Tried to keep all the runs in the easy range, but the legs are feeling decent enough otherwise.   Always tricky trying to balance recovery and maintaining fitness for the next race (e.g Boston).


                              Weekly Summary
                              Monday, Jan 29, 2018 thru Sunday, Feb 04, 2018

                              <tfoot> </tfoot>
                              Day Miles Pace Description Link
                              Wed 4.1 8:17 Recovery and where was this weather 3 days ago? strava
                              Thu 5.2 7:58 Pre-flight shakeout strava
                              Thu 11.0 4:05 EZ pre-dinner spin strava
                              Fri 7.2 7:39 A balmy 9 degree run strava
                              Sat 8.0 7:33 60E w/ a few hills - Wind was brutal! strava
                              Sun 7.1 7:41 Slippery EZ run in the snow + driveway shoveling strava

                              5K: 16:44 (11/18)  |  10K: 36:09 (2/18)  |  HM: 1:17:15 (12/18)  |  FM: 2:48:58 (1/18)


                                JTReeves -  You should feel better when you get that number up.


                                weather - That heat acclimation might be a real asset at Boston. Looks like you have been working on your snow/ice legs recently.


                                mikkey - Looking solid.


                                Finbad - Nicely done.


                                kram - All quality on the mill?  Even in nice weather?  Ugh. Nice workouts btw especially with that head cold.


                                Lela - Looks like you have good base to build on for Buffalo.


                                swim - Things are coming around!


                                Made it to 50 miles this week. Progress! Basically just running miles (mostly easy) right now. Nothing too crazy. Will add a few more this week.


                                Weekly Summary
                                Monday, Jan 29, 2018 thru Sunday, Feb 04, 2018

                                <tfoot> </tfoot>
                                Day Miles Pace Description HR Egain Link
                                Mon 8.0 8:18 8 mile recovery run 120 (64%) 291 strava
                                Tue 8.0 7:55 8 mile easy run 124 (66%) 262 strava
                                Wed 8.0 7:53 A windy 8 mile easy run 122 (65%) 288 strava
                                Thu 8.0 7:30 Drizzly 8 mile easy run 133 (71%) 246 strava
                                Fri 12.1 7:09 Steady 12 mile MLR 132 (70%) 209 strava
                                Sun 6.1 7:37 6 miles for 6 super bowls...well that didn't work 122 (65%) 59 strava
                                  50.2 7:42     1355