Choose what is graphed on Summary page (Read 463 times)

    Eric, Thanks for all your hard work! This is definitely the best run logging site I've ever used, and I've used them all! Your integration of google maps is definitely the best I've seen. Wink One thing I'd love to see is the ability to choose what is graphed on the Summary page of the Training Log. Right now it shows a simple date vs. distance. I personally am more interested in seeing my progress in pace and so would like to see date vs. pace all the time. Is this already a feature I'm missing? If not, I would love to see it. You rock! Saire
      Eric, Excellent site. Thank you. I tend to agree with sairez. I think that 121 miles at a 10:30 minute per mile pace is a slightly more useful statistic than 121 miles in 21:06:56. I understand that using pace this way is not a true indicator of performance but it's a usable statistic great for the summary screen. Thanks again, jeff
        Hi guys, This has been requested before. I have plans to redo the pages to make it customizable. That should make everyone happy. I should be able to get around to it by the end of the year, which is coming really soon. *gasp* I should get my act together! eric Smile