Classified Ad section? (Read 60 times)

    On several other forums that I participate in for other hobbies, they have a small classified ad section somewhere that allows members to buy/sell items generally associated with that hobby.


    I've got a brand new pair of Innov-8 F-lite 195 shoes in size 13 that I bought a while back and am going to end up going a different route on my shoes and would like to sell them.


    Ever thought of starting a classified forum?


    Thanks, Nathan

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      Not really feeling it.  How many people have new, unused running-related items to sell?  I'm prolly not buying any slightly usedbut still in like-new condition running shoes, shorts, socks, shirts, hats or sunglasses.


      What I'd rather see is a "Where are the Best Deals?" forum for people to ferret out the best deals on running stuff and then let us know where to get 'em.