Double Race Weekend... with beer :-) (Read 381 times)


    I ran the 75th Manchester Road Race in CT on Turkey Day.  

    Great race and I was happy to be back after racing it in '02 and '03.  Definitely the most fun T-Day race I've done, with awesome history (I think it's the second oldest road race in the country, second to Boston) and a challenging course with a good mile long hill at M2.   We had a great day with perfect weather and I ran the (approx 5mile) course in 29:26 for a huge course PR. 


    Still had energy after so I ended up running the course a second time for the hell of it --I wanted to end the day with an even 10 before eating a loooot of pie.   Which I did.


    But, even better, on Friday I did the first (hopefully annual) Manchester Post T-Day Beer Mile.


    GREAT weather, even better than Thursday.  T-shirts and shorts in late November!!  About 15-20 of us met at some really nice, huge private park (I forget the name).  I arrived just as some of the guys finished mapping out the quarter mile with one of those wheel-marking distance things and lots of little flags... very legit/serious crowd here.  No messing around with the Beer Mile!  Seemed most everyone was a former XC runner and some of the guys had put down really solid sub six/mile paces at the previous day's road race so it was a good crowd.  


    This was my second Beer mile ever, both being this month (the first just 2 weeks ago).  I got first place last time so I wanted to represent... I take my drinking + running very seriously ;-)   I also wanted to knock a minute off my previous beer mile since my last one was 8:50 and I'd usually CRINGE at that time, but again, there was a lot of beer involved.  


    Long story short, I managed to pull a 7:47, hit my time goal and it was good enough for a solid 2nd place.  Plus, no puking, at least by me :-)

    The first place guy was damn fast, I just couldn't close the gap on the final quarter.  I was right behind him on the way out of the final "beer transition" and half way around the loop, but he had an extra gear on the home stretch and schooled me by a good 10 seconds.  Still, it was a blast.  


    All in all, great Thanksgiving weekend!  Hope everyone else enjoyed it!

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      Nice racing. Will you be working on your transition time or developing the top end speed for next year's Beer Mile?

      Any tips for the Beer Mile?

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        Transition time for sure.  The last stand alone mile I raced (in sept) was 5:13 or something like that.  


        I need to learn to drink faster.


        My tips for the beer mile, manage the burps on the run, lest they surprise you by bringing up more than air!   Other than that, just drink and run and have fun :-)

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          Love it!


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            Oh, is that what they mean by duathlon?

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