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    Anyone have pointers or suggestions on how to get hooked up on a team for the 2013 Cabot Trail Relay around Cape Breton, NS (Canada) ?

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      I know some folks on the Maine-iacs, Hags, and Fossils...I will check with the coach of the Maine-iacs (no spots on that roster) to see what he knows about the Fossils; don't think you're a hag!! Er, or a fossil.

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        I don't know.... I've been asked a few times to fill in, but I'd had other race plans every year. I know one guy who was his own team (ran the whole race himself) but he's nuts.

          Driving up the trail seemed to be difficult enough. Running?! Some of the hills are killers. Certainly I am not ready yet.


          By the way, if you want to go, the Trailsman Motel is highly recommended. It is very close to Baddeck. The breakfast was good and the view in the morning is fabulous if the weather is good. Get one of the rooms (53, 54, 55), on the back and has a lake view.


          Best value for the money!

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            there's a race forum at http://cabottrailrelay.com/race-forum/ on which teams start looking for members, though it generally is a bit last minute to fill in - or you can post that you are looking to join a team. The 2013 team list won't be up for a little while yet.