Garmin Forerunner 735XT Heart Rate Monitor (Read 15 times)


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    Looking for suggestions on how to get the watch to read my heart rate more accurately.  I've found if I don't turn the watch off after I put it on my wrist, and then turn it back on, there's about a 50% chance it will get my heart rate right.  If I do turn it on/off, the chances are about 75%, but even that means 1 in 4 runs has bad heart rate data.  Sometimes it will start off right, and then for some reason just start showing my heart rate 20 BPM faster than it was, and that's when it's not in cadence lock (which happens too often as well).  I'm a lightly tanned Caucasian, so the issues I've read about with regard to darker skin don't apply to me.  I wash the sensor with warm water weekly.  Any hints at what else I might try, other than using a chest strap or simply giving up?

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      honestly chest straps (or even some of the dedicated arm bands like Wahoo Ticker X) are the way to go. I just cannot get reliable data from my watch.

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