2021 Sub 3:00 Marathon Thread (Read 309 times)


    DW & DPS: Good luck at Grandma's tomorrow! I'll be tracking.


      DPS: 10k in 37:29 (6:02 pace)

      Half in 1:19:22 (6:03 pace); holding steady


      Darkwave: 10k in 45:34 (7:20 pace)

      Half in 1:37:56 (7:28 pace)


      Looks like it ended up warmer than forecasted a couple of days ago; already 60+ deg F at the start.  Full sun from looking at the livestream.

      2:52:16 (2018)


        DPS: 20 miles in 2:00:50 (6:02.5 pace); holding steady

        2:52:16 (2018)


          DPS: 23.9 mi in 2:25:18 (6:05 pace); on track for sub 2:40!

          2:52:16 (2018)


            Darkwave: 20 miles in 2:30:33 (7:31 pace)


            Looking at the livestream looks like it clouded over now.

            2:52:16 (2018)


              DPS: 2:39:27 at the finish! Congrats on the sub 2:40 and big PR!!  Great even pacing throughout.


              Thought I might be able to see him finish but they panned away from the finish line unfortunately.

              2:52:16 (2018)


                Darkwave: finished in 3:18:54. Sub 3:20 and another even-paced effort, nice work!

                2:52:16 (2018)


                Mother of Cats

                  Hey guys - just checking in.  Not quite sure what happened - I just never felt good the entire race.  No blow-ups, and I ran the best race I had in me today.  Just didn't have much to offer.


                  Edited to add: congrats to DLS on a great race!

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                  Taper Czar

                    DW - sounds like an off day. Looking forward to the race recap.


                    Dps - big congrats! Welcome to the sub 2:40 club . I was tracking you throughout and knew it was looking good. Excellent pacing throughout. Think your potential is still sky.

                    5K: 16:37 (11/20)  |  10K: 34:49 (10/19)  |  HM: 1:15:28 (3/20)  |  FM: 2:36:31 (12/19) 


                    Next Race: Run to the Brewery 5M (8/1)


                      Dwave:. Sorry to hear you had a bad day today, looking forward to your RR.

                      dls:  Awesome result, curious to know how you felt during it all and what’s up next.


                      Making a comeback

                        Met DW in person post race!


                        Long and short....


                        Achilles flared up between 18.5-19.5. 10min+ official PR. Very happy. Wanted to go sub 2:38 but awesome run for a great day.


                        Every time I hit my left heal (every 10-15 strides instead of midfoot) got a shooting pain.


                        More to come tomorrow uploading marathon data now.


                        New 2020 Goal: Actually run a race, any race, just run a real legit race. **Eye Twitching**

                        USATFMN XC 6k Lake Elmo Championship 21:49


                        2021 Goals for my 2 marathon cycles this year

                        Marathon Sub 2:40 2:39:27 Grandma's Marathon 6/19/21

                        10k Sub 35:00 in Marathon build

                        5k Sub 16:30 in Marathon build /16:34 BK5K Memorial Day 2021


                          No blow-ups, and I ran the best race I had in me today.


                          DW: Anytime you can say that, you have won the day, well done!


                          Of course we must defer to the man by which it is named to determine if it has been awarded, but do you put the sack in the mug or the mug in the sack? No judgement, I'm not even sure of the proportions.


                          DPS: Congratulations of the huge PB and great time while pushing through that pain as well, massive effort.

                          10K 41:35 (2016), Half 1:27:01 (2015) Marathon 3:02:48 (2015)


                            Biggest week ever and I feel great.  Hudson tapers are short, three weeks out now and this one coming doesn't get much easier. The taper I did recently seemed to work though, got me a good result in the half time trial so I guess I'll just trust that again.


                            06/14/2021 To 06/20/2021

                            Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                            in ft
                            06/14 Lunch Run 8.32 13.39 01:07:13 08:05 05:01 338
                            06/15 Progression to HMP 10.71 17.23 01:22:09 07:40 04:46 322
                            06/16 MLR 12.16 19.56 01:45:53 08:42 05:25 390
                            06/17 Easy 10.03 16.13 01:22:40 08:15 05:08 367
                            06/18 4x 10min @HMP off 4min 12.76 20.52 01:38:16 07:42 04:47 308
                            06/19 Morning Run 6.86 11.03 00:54:54 08:00 04:59 266
                            06/20 28k @95%MP 20.30 32.66 02:32:26 07:31 04:40 768

                            Total distance: 81.12mi

                            10K 41:35 (2016), Half 1:27:01 (2015) Marathon 3:02:48 (2015)


                              DW: Kudos to you for giving it everything you had despite not feeling great and what appeared to be a pretty hot day.


                              DPS: Congrats on sub 2:40. Did something happen with your achilles or did it just act up as the race went on?


                              Marby: Huge week and a really nice long run. 

                              My week:

                              40.3 miles

                              M: 3 miles easy (9:25)

                              T: 5 miles with a 2 mile tempo (6:50, 6:57)

                              W: 3 miles easy (9:10)

                              T: 5.2 miles easy (8:39)

                              F: 6 miles aerobic (8:19)

                              S: 6 miles easy (8:58)

                              S: 12 mile long run (8:53)


                              Solid week for me getting back to decent mileage. Weather got pretty hot/humid at the end of the week. Got out late for my long run this morning and slogged through 150 TDP. Summer is here...


                              Intl. correspondent

                                Darkwave - brave race on a hot day out. Somedays you're the nail.


                                DPS - awesome result considering the conditions. It sounds like you're pretty close to your lifetime target.


                                me - A nice week. Monday evening to Tuesday morning I had a very sore throat and I was very worried. Had to skip the Tuesday run Tuesday morning. But then somehow recovered during the day and managed to run the workout in the afternoon at 3pm. Very unpleasant.

                                Nice long run today keeping it around MP + 30 to 45 seconds, except the last 3 miles as I tried to come back home a different way and hit a mile of continuous climb 😂

                                We're in Portugal now and it's incredible how everything is so similar in Brazil. The people, the food, the architecture.

                                It seems Portugal is what Brazil will be in perhaps 50 years.

                                Weekly for period: From: 06/14/2021 To 06/20/2021

                                Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                                in ft
                                06/15 8x400 6.32 10.17 00:54:03 08:33 05:19 52
                                06/16 Morning Run 8.20 13.19 01:06:27 08:06 05:02 187
                                06/17 6x(1000 w 2'E) + 5x30s hard 9.55 15.36 01:11:26 07:29 04:39 115
                                06/18 Morning Run 8.01 12.89 01:04:58 08:07 05:02 154
                                06/19 6 mi + 5x12s uphill sprints 6.50 10.46 00:53:16 08:12 05:06 200
                                06/20 Long run at MP +30to45seconds 17.01 27.37 02:10:22 07:40 04:46 591

                                Total distance: 55.58mi

                                PRs: 5K 17:56.7 (2021) 9.86K 36:40 (2020) HM 1:21:59 (2021)

                                Up next: 3 countries marathon - Oct 10th

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