2021 Sub 3:00 Marathon Thread (Read 449 times)


     JT - Tim Cheruyot seems to be out of the Olympics. Double gold for Jakob?


    Flavio: Unreal that Athletics Kenya will leave Tim off the team! A decision that rivals the foolishness of Ethiopia leaving Bekele off the 2016 team; the stupidity of which he underscored by nearly breaking the WR at Berlin. But you're right; it's good news for Jakob and all the other 1500m runners. I'm in Michigan now and everyone here is fired up about Hobbs Kessler, the high schooler who ran a US HS record in the 1500m of 3:34 and is running the Olympic trials. It would be cool if he made the team.


    Also huge news that Brazier did not qualify. I would have picked him for a medal, with a good chance of gold at Tokyo. Several cases of strange, last minute withdrawals due to sudden injuries, with vague explanations of what the injuries are....


    JMac: I'm glad you are liking the book so far. I loved that one; much better than the 2 Finn books. It would be great if Crawley would do the same thing with Kenya and Japan and write books about it.

    2:52:16 (2018)


    Mother of Cats

        Several cases of strange, last minute withdrawals due to sudden injuries, with vague explanations of what the injuries are....



      Yup.  Though I think Brazier is a counter example.  I think he's hurt, seriously hurt, and was just trying not to make any excuses for himself.  Engel's Instagram stories showed Brazier with a boot on in the back ground.


      Brazier did NOT look sound to me at the end of the 800.  That wasn't mental, that was physical.


      And seeing how he handled himself immediately after, I have a new level of respect for him.  As well as for Jenny Simpson and for Nathan Adrian (swimming).  All of them handled defeat and disappointment with grace.

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        Another big week and was pleased with how that Friday marathon pace felt in the midst of all that mileage and without the bouncy shoes. Gives me a bit more confidence about the more ambitious target.


        06/21/2021 To 06/27/2021

        Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
        in ft
        06/21 10x 10sec Hills 8.69 13.99 01:16:29 08:48 05:28 561
        06/22 8x 2min Fartlek 13.04 20.98 01:44:05 07:59 04:58 351
        06/23 MLR w/11k Mod 13.69 22.03 01:49:04 07:58 04:57 561
        06/24 Easy 9.39 15.11 01:20:06 08:32 05:18 276
        06/25 16k @MP 13.50 21.72 01:40:55 07:29 04:39 377
        06/26 Heat Acc 7.64 12.30 01:04:40 08:28 05:15 367
        06/27 Long 16.20 26.07 02:17:09 08:28 05:16 696

        Total distance: 82.15mi

        Half 1:26:41 (2016), Marathon 2:59:83 (2021)


          Marby: Another big week! How are the legs feeling? 

          My week

          31.3 miles

          M: 3 miles easy (9:13)

          T: 6 miles easy (8:42)

          W: 10 miles with 3 mile tempo (6:49, 6:48, 6:35)

          T&F: Off

          S: 7.5 miles easy (8:51)

          S: 5k in 19:57 with 1.7 mile WU/CD


          Ran a local 5k this morning. Had a pretty large positive split (6:06, 6:29, 6:42, last .11 in 6:07). Tried to run this by feel and based on the splits it looked like I did a pretty bad job, however I think the 145 TDP had a lot to do with it too. Overall a good race/fitness checkin.


            Marby - yes, another impressive weak and those 10 miles @6:45 pace are impressive too (sorry, have to guess as you didn't mention the exact pace Smile


            jhudak - yeah, heat is a very big factor in running. But I also learning time and time again that experience is a huge factor too - I mean, you have to do those 5K a lot to feel the pace and know what are your weak links (miles?) to work on that and improve.


            Ok week for me. Strange things (kind of new things) happening to me - I can run next day after a workout. Actually, I can, but I feel that it would be just a waste. So, I am taking days off now instead of just running at as slow pace as it feels right. I mean - I did workouts before, it's not a new thing for me Smile and I almost always ran next day, but this cycle I either became lazy or wise or just too old. I know, mileage is the king and my days off kind of bother me. Oh, and I did my first 1 mile TT on Tuesday - 5:35 - very close to what I wanted to be (5:30 was a thinking) and last lap was hurting bit I feel now that it didn't hurt enough. And again, I hope to do 1 mile TT more often and that might help with the distribution of the effort over those 4 laps.


            Mo - off

            Tu - 8.04 - 1 mile TT @5:35, then 8x200 (200 jog) @4:40-4:50 (36 secs)

            We - off

            Tu - 11.34 @8:50

            Fr - 11.07 @7:45 with 6 @MP effort (7:04,7:08,7:10,7:07,7:10,6:50)

            Sa - off

            Su - 21.35 @8:36


            Total: 51.8 miles

            paces PRs - 5K - 5:48  /  10K - 6:05  /  HM - 6:14  /  FM - 6:26 per mile


            Mother of Cats

              Cal - have you considered cross training on those days?  That way you still get some volume in?


              JHudak - I thought this morning's weather was dreadful - I would not have wanted to race in it.


              Marby - looking good with a great marathon pace workout.




              My week:

              10 miles running and 5 hours pool-running

              M: 1 hour pool-running
              T: 1 hour pool-running and streaming yoga.
              W: light upper body weights/core and 40 minutes pool-running.
              Th. 1 hour pool-running
              Fr: Upper and lower body weights and 40 minutes pool-running
              Sa: 3 miles easy (9:55), 40 minutes pool-running, and streaming yoga.
              Su: 7 miles (9:43) and weights/core


              Plan for the next few weeks is to keep the mileage low and easy (with some strides) while focusing on rebuilding my leg strength in the gym.  Pre-Covid, I was doing squats and split squats in the power cage with fairly heavy weights, but I lost all that when the world shut down.   My plan is to rebuild that gym strength, and then return to speed work (rather than trying to reintroduce both at once)

              Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


              And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                3 in a row. 14:46 in that heat. Amazing.


                Marby: Great week for you. I'm excited about what you can run in your marathon.


                jhudak: Nice job breaking 20 in the 5k.


                Cal: Congrats on the mile TT! Will be interesting if you continue with the day off after workout approach.


                DW: I'm in the same boat with strength; I need to get back to doing it regularly.


                My week was again not exciting, just easy mileage, the only exciting element was it was run in MI on pancake flat roads. Two family reunions back-to-back this weekend. Great to see family in person again. Very humid and warm all week. I think my body is still adjusting to that as my HR was elevated all runs, though could also be related to less than ideal sleep, travel fatigue, etc. I may try to get in some semi-workout next week.


                Weekly for period: From: 06/21/2021 To 06/27/2021

                Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                in ft
                06/21 Morning Run 10.03 16.13 1:22:43 8:15 05:08 545
                06/23 Morning Run in Michigan with Laura 3.05 4.90 30:35 10:02 06:14 16
                06/23 Morning Run 10.13 16.29 1:18:17 7:44 04:48 43
                06/24 Morning Run 10.12 16.28 1:18:25 7:45 04:49 43
                06/25 Morning Run 10.09 16.23 1:18:01 7:44 04:48 43
                06/27 Long Run 16.06 25.84 2:07:05 7:55 04:55 89

                Total distance: 59.46 mi

                2:52:16 (2018)


                  Marby:  Wow, great week for you!

                  jhudak:  I think running by feel in that heat/humidity would probably take a few tries to get "right."

                  cal:  I feeling the same way...strange things happening with my running.  If you come up with a solution that works for you, let me know.  And that's a pretty good 1M TT.

                  JT:  Nice, if not boring, week.  I probably should start doing some strengthening as well.


                  My week.  A bit lighter, as it was our 33rd wedding anniversary on Friday, and we spent the bulk of the day kayaking on a quiet lake.


                  S:  Rest

                  M:  9.1M @ 7:44

                  T:  13M @ 8:16

                  W:  6.1M @ 9:06 Trail Run

                  T:  Rest

                  F:  4M @ 8:04

                  S:  7M @ 8:05


                  Total:  39.2M


                    I was on vacation for a week, and have fallen behind.


                    But great work DPS! That's a solid result. Sounds like if you can stay healthy you can keep knocking that time down too.


                    DW, good job getting it done with solid execution. Marathons suck. But if they were easy, they really wouldn't be any fun at all. Sometimes you get the time you want, and sometimes you end up with something you didn't really want. I think if I always got the times/results I wanted, I would eventually give up running marathons.


                    Cal - I have some unfortunate news (at least for me, anyway). I am not going to be able to do Boston this year. It looks like my kids have a 5 day weekend that weekend that I didn't know about. They have zero interest in coming back to the states to watch me run Boston, and so we'll do something fun in or around Spain. I'll have to wait to see you again in Boston 2022.


                    JT - Can you switch me over to Barcelona Marathon? November 7. Same goal.


                    Mikkey - As far as I can tell, Valencia is still not allowing new registrants. If you want to run Barcelona instead, that would be great! Or just come to Barcelona to golf. Either.

                    Upcoming races: Boston


                    Intl. correspondent

                      Marby - huge week!

                      Jhuda - it’s pretty hard to adjust the pace cause the first mile still feels alright.

                      I think I’ve bonked all my 5ks in warm weather. To be fair, bar my PRs I’ve bonked all my 5k races πŸ˜‚


                      My week, nice workout on Thu and a nice long run. We've traveled across the Atlantic ocean to Brazil to visit family after 18 months abroad. The trip is still half way and I'm already utterly destroyed.

                      Weekly for period: From: 06/21/2021 To 06/27/2021

                      Date Name mi km Duration Avg/mi Avg/km Elevation Gain
                      in ft
                      06/22 6 mi ez + 2 mi of 20s on 40s off 8.00 12.88 01:02:42 07:50 04:52 233
                      06/23 Morning Run 8.01 12.88 01:05:59 08:14 05:07 404
                      06/24 2x(2mi@6:10-6:20 w 2:30E) + 1 mi sub 6:10 8.55 13.76 01:02:32 07:19 04:33 240
                      06/25 Morning Run 9.00 14.49 01:13:19 08:09 05:04 302
                      06/26 6mi + 6x100m sprints 6.61 10.63 00:53:06 08:02 05:00 476
                      06/27 15mi E + 3mi moderate 18.01 28.98 02:21:02 07:50 04:52 226

                      Total distance: 58.19mi

                      PRs: 1500 4:54.1 2019 - 5K 17:56 2021 HM 1:21:59 2021

                      Up next: Some 5k race in September

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                      Hot Weather Complainer

                        Sorry I should have cross posted since my race is on the front page...the race was cancelled 4 days out but I did do a marathon length training run instead.


                        Flavio - Huge week, you're ramping things up very nicely.  Hard to keep it going throughout a long trip like that, good luck!

                        Net Downhill PB Southern Lakes Half Marathon 2022 1:27:32, Flat Course PB Christchurch 2016 1:29.25

                        Recent Races:   Southern Lakes Half Marathon 1:27:32 May 7, 2022, Motorway 10km 40:49 February 27, 2022, Selwyn Running Festival Half-Marathon 1:29:32  November 7, 2021

                        Race plan:  Melbourne Marathon October 2, 2022.  Queenstown Half Marathon November 19, 2022


                        37 going on 60

                          Ran 9 miles last week. Legs feel great except for lingering tightness in left lower leg. Going to message therapy tonight.


                          2021 Goals for my 2 marathon cycles this year

                          Marathon Sub 2:40 2:39:27 Grandma's Marathon 6/19/21

                          10k Sub 35:00 in Marathon build

                          5k Sub 16:30 in Marathon build /16:34 BK5K Memorial Day 2021


                          2022 Goals

                          Marathon Sub 2:37 2:41:32 Grandma's 2022

                          10k Sub 35:00

                          5k Sub 16:00


                            Jhud: Great job getting under 20 in the conditions, that’s solid to build from.  The legs feel remarkably good. A couple of weeks that big were a bit of a risk but I might have just got away with it.


                            CAL: Sorry to keep you guessing 😏It was 100m short of 10 miles and slower than 6:45 (7:03) so considerably less impressive in the detail.   Kudos for trusting your instincts and taking those days off after (speedy) workouts.


                            Darkwave: 7 day streak of pool-running… bonkers.


                            OMR: Congrats on 33 years, sounds like a great way to spend it.


                            Steve: Sorry to hear about the cancellation but congrats on covering the distance in training.

                            Half 1:26:41 (2016), Marathon 2:59:83 (2021)


                              Quiet week here.  Steve, sorry to hear the race got cancelled, hopefully you can find another one to jump into?


                              Hope everyone is doing well and surviving the heat/humidity!


                              Started half marathon training this week...first of 13 weeks.


                              S:  10.9M @ 8:17

                              M:  6.5M @ 8:28

                              T:  7.2M @ 8:20

                              W:  Rest

                              T:  11.1M @ 8:04 with a fast finish

                              F:  7M @ 8:29

                              S:  12.7M @ 8:15


                              Total:  55.5M


                                OMR: Nice week. What is your goal for the half?


                                My week:

                                50.4 miles


                                M: 5.2 miles easy (8:44)

                                T: 5.1 miles easy (8:23)

                                W: 6 miles easy (9:02)

                                T: 5 miles easy (8:35)

                                F: 10 miles with a 3 mile tempo (6:39, 6:43, 6:42)

                                S: 14 miles progression long run by HR (7:45)

                                S: 5 miles easy (9:08)


                                Solid week, getting into some consistent higher mileage coming up. Starting the pfitzinger 18/70 plan tomorrow. I signed up for two races this week, the towpath half marathon on 10/10 and the Indianapolis marathon on 11/6. JT, can you add both to the list? Goal will be sub 3 for Indy, no goal for the half yet.