Ankle pain for the first two miles . . . always! (Read 90 times)


    I haven't run for a couple of years, but I did train for about three years and EVERY time, for EVERY training run and EVERY race, my ankles hurt for the first 2+ miles, even during warm-up walking. I'm trying to get back into running with a beginner women's group, and it's disheartening to not be able to run until the training group has finished. The pain starts in the ankle and radiates up the outside of my legs (usually more painful on the right ankle/leg) toward my knees. How high it reaches varies from day to day, but I never feel any knee pain. It's a burning pain, not a stabbing pain. After 2 to 2.5 miles, the pain goes away and I can run.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this or heard of it?

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      Have you tried a different shoe?

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        There is a running rule of thumb that says if you can run through it, go ahead and run.  But that rule is intended for minor pain that goes away with running.  In your case, I suggest talking to a doctor.  Don't be surprised in (s)he refers you to a specialist.


        It does not sound like shoes or biomechanics.  Those problems get worse with increasing distance.