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    Currently, I can graph my runs by Type (Easy, Long, Interval, etc).  For most runs, I may have a warmup.  For intervals, I would have a warmup, and easy running between harder running.  However, currently, if I log the run as an Interval, all of the run is classified as an interval for graphing.  Also, the average pace and distances are classified as Interval.  This makes it difficult to characterize how I'm doing on my intervals.  For example, how fast were my intervals, comparing week to week.


    What I would suggest, is the ability to characterize my run types within the interval sets, as an option, kinda like the current auto-sum of intervals for total mileage.  Then, rather than the whole run classified, and graphed, and paced by the single category, the workout would be graphed easy and interval, with separate paces and distances.


    As a work-around, I'm splitting my runs into multiple entries so I can see the separation, but I really think this could be better implemented within the interface if possible without disrupting what everyone is doing today.

      On an interval day I log three entries. One for the warm-up, one for the work session, and one for the cool-down.


        That's similar to what I'm doing now.  Would be nice, however, to have the entire workout combined together to show that it was a single effort, and to see that the interval recovery periods were consistent, and to see the separation from the single workout in graphs, average pace calculations, etc.


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          I'm content to log the run based on what the purpose of the run was. Obviously quality days will include easy running, but I can use the notes section if I really want to record specific data.

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            I'm not really sure what you're asking for but you can create intervals sets and generate reports to analyze. You can go to Options/Manage My Activities/Run and at the bottom, click on add New Interval Set. This way, you can compare similar interval types, (i.e., not comparing 200s with 800s).

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