3:20 Thrusts into RunningAhead in 2012 (Read 940 times)


    I beat RunRonRun. Enough said. haha. Great guy.

    m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35

    Strict WTF adherent

      FB have fun in the shower tomorrow and congrats. Rti, right back at it, eh? Hey to everyone 7 and change today. In Ronins. Seems a less flexible shoe like that works better for me right now. Too bad those things are downright slippery on the treadmill. Sigh. Someday i'll be normal and uninjured.

        My week:

        M) 6

        T) 6 w/ 3x200m (200m recovery) & 3x800m (400m recovery) @ HM-15K pace

        W) 4

        Th) 4

        F) Rest

        Sa) 14 total 1:26:42 HM

        Su) 7... a good 3 min/mile slower than yesterday!

        Total: 41

        What a beast!!!


        My 5 month old granddaughter can pee in her pants; I don't see what the big deal is.Big grin


        Is Digby next?


        RTI ~ What's next for you? Will our paths cross?


        Moving in ;-)

          Hi, i'm another stray from the  Sub 3h30 at RW, going to do my first marathon this weekend and just dropped by to say helloWink


          Ps: Congrats on the race fornobravo, by the way if i may ask what's the story behind the nick?


          Sir Mix a Lot

            FB - maybe the peeing in the pants and Mr Happy being chafed and red are connected..... seriously awesome results in that crap today


            RTI - man, impressive run so soon after Philly!


            Jim - Zappos has the Union Jack Green Silences on sale for $68


            Stig - you full of taper madness yet?


            I missed a bunch from the last page but I got to go


            5.2 easy this morning


              For a moment there, I thought this thread said 4:20


              Carry on without me...


              Man its Hot Here

                Kia Ora out there in RA world


                First thing massive congrats for a ballsy run by our man FB. Sound like it wasn't a day for the weak out there.Im not so sure about the pee'ing the pants thing,but Im sure theres a time and place for everything.


                McBEN Do you really want to be normal?


                DAD Im here.Nice week,again


                JK/JEDI Welcome to this neck of the woods


                NICK Your starting pre xmas? I think itll be base training for me till mid Jan then on from there.


                Summers had a quick turn around here. Saturday way 100f and humid as but tooday it didnt get into the 70 and weve had light rain. I know Id rather have todays weather but then what would I do with the pool we have?


                I think Ill be sticking here,for a while at least. There has been a massive drop on RW traffic so I dont want to be left out.


                I ended up doing 52mi this week,a bit off the 590 I posted during the week bt still ok for this time of year


                  Stigy is next. Right? That one's big. The fate of nations, whether one man ever runs again, etc. 


                  Hey Tonz -- I think you'll like it. Relax, take your shoes off and hang out. Nice to see a photo after we missed in NYC. I can't image hot right now. It's tough coming down from a 590 week.


                  JK/JEDI -- welcome aboard. Sometimes on Sunday people post their week -- miles, pace, total. That sort of thing.


                  JK -- which Nick?


                  Hey TIef. Swing by sometimes.


                  Peeing in your pants = chaffing. Is there anything fun that doesn't have negative consequences. :-(


                  RTI back on the road again.


                  McB -- I like Ronins. But I was wearing Kinvara when I shot off the treadmill and landed on my ass.


                  Nick and Dad -- base building in December and some serious sh!it in January. Right? I need more tempo running for Barstow.


                  CIM results are up. How windy was the south leg? Here are my four splits:



                  51:04 (that's right)




                  I had a nice finish -- I passed 49 runners in the last 4 1/2 miles, and was passed by two guys (barely). Counting kept me concentrating. So I don't know if there was 5 minutes in weather -- or maybe more. I think I was definitely in sub 3 shape, and maybe PR shape. But I need a monster cycle to break 2:52. But that's next.

                  m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35


                  Man its Hot Here

                    I know I said I was going to move on from the Non-Marathon in NYC but this popped into my life today. Im sure its simply stating what people are thinking but aren't being told



                      If it is that active a thread,you may want to consider setting up a Group for it.

                        Welcome all. The RWOL 3:20 thread has a long history of great running, sophomoric behavior and excellent advice. Actually running sub 3:20 is a nice added extra, but it isn't mandatory. Join the thread, get faster, and share your weekly running log, your neuroses, your BOTTs, ultras, doubles, Ducks, sandbagging and R2H. Once you've had 3:20, you can never go back.


                        Not to put you on the spot, but does this mean you're the guy we send our upcoming races to?



                          OMR ~ Congrats on the AG win and PR. Nice!

                          FB ~ Great job. You're at another level from us mortals.


                          Jedi ~ Welcome. Have you run C'burg Half before? Is it a PR course? I am debating between Colonial (Williamsburg) on2/24 & C'burg.


                          My calves are very angry w/ me today. 


                          Dad - yes I have run Cburg a couple of times considering it's my hometown race.Smile I live about 2m from start. It was my first race when I started running 3 yrs ago. I ran it for the first time in 2010 only running 3 months at the time with a 2:14. Rough day weather-wise with intermittent rain/20-25mph wind Last time I ran it was in 2011. (did not run last year as it was week before RnR DC - National), PR'd with a 1:41 which was a 12+min PR at the time. Ran alot of tempos and LRs in general on course. Course is very hilly, but a PR is doabale. definitely do some sort of hillwork. Mostly rolling hills except for 2 BIG hills between mile 2-3 and back again once you loop back around at mile 9-10. All downhill from mile 10 to finish with short upclimb to finish. Great local race though organized by local running group. Crappy medal, but race shirt always pretty decent. Reg only $45 too. Race in it's 36th year I think and lot of locals running Boston race it since about month before usually. If you need to know anything else just let me know. This will always be my favorite race and have special place with me. See you there!Smile


                          FB - great job at CIM


                          OMR - nice run streak!


                          JK - welcome to another sub3:30 refugee!Smile


                          Thanks for the welcome to group!


                          Using Daniels 5k-15k to train for Cburg and another HM this spring. 1st week of Phase I last week:


                          M -7.25m @ 8:25 on hilly 10k course - probably on fast side than i normally run

                          T - SRD/30min spin/strength/core

                          W - 7.65m @ 9:04

                          Th - 8.7m @ 8:58

                          F - 8.81m @ 8:49

                          Sa - 11.5m @ 8:49 Hilly route

                          Su - SRD/30min spin/strength/core




                          Phase I works well with marathon recovery as I build my mileage back up. Lot of general aerobic runs early on until hard stuff in Phase II. No spring marathon for me as I focus on getting faster at shorter distances primarily the HM.

                          PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


                          Up Next:



                            If it is that active a thread,you may want to consider setting up a Group for it.


                            jeffdonahue:  Yeah, I think quite a few who post in this thread are coming over from RWOL (myself included), and after doing some surfing of the site, I was wondering if perhaps this forum should become a User Group.  In RWOL, this was a pretty active thread, and it appears that that will probably continue here.  So, if you or anyone else from RunningAhead feels that this activity is more appropriate for a User Group, just be blunt and let us know!


                            FB:  Yeah...enjoy the shower...it hurts just thinking about it...


                            NickS:  I pee in my pants all the time without chafing.  Uh...TMI??


                            HI to everyone, including the newest members.


                            Last week for me...


                            S:  12.1 @ 8:38

                            M:  7.8 @ 8:12

                            T:  10 @ 8:38

                            W:  7 @ 7:47

                            T:  10 @ 8:46

                            F:  6.2 @ 8:09

                            S:  Warmup and 5K race


                            Total:  56.8.  Just 0.3 short of a weekly mileage PR.  The base building continues...


                              Not to put you on the spot, but does this mean you're the guy we send our upcoming races to?


                              Hmmm. KPH set up the 2012 thread and Fonz did it in 2011. We will need a volunteer from the audience. In the past, we've maintained a race list on page one of the thread so that they are easy to find.


                              We also need a pithy title for 2013.

                              m: 2:55:04 | 10k: 37:14 | 50mile: 9:35



                                I believe there is already a MRT group set-up:




                                Maybe just start a thread there, but might not be visible to RWOL refugee newbies at first.


                                Sub-4 has a user group set-up too and maybe format could work:



                                PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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