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Pace Bunny: Be warned! (Read 279 times)

    I am allowed to run as much as I want, as long as I take 14 days off. And I go to the gym and do some exercises. Then, I am allowed to start back at 4-5 miles again. So your days in the lead may be limited! Tongue
      woohoo! that is great news for you!! not so great news for that bunny!


        wahoo! So glad to hear you're almost able to start again! Tire the bunny out for me Wink I've got a ways to go to catch up!
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          Of course, thats assuming that I got correct advice - the whole everyone is different thing comes to mind. Since I was told 2 weeks, and he knew I was a med student, he probably added on an extra 3-4 days thinking I would leave off a few, and then a few extra days because we all know runners can't just not run. So I think he really meant 7 days off, right? Cool

            I can find no fault in your logic.
            That your knees never hurt, that your feet never ache, that the wind always be at your back, and a stiff drink ever await your return.
              I can find no fault in your logic.
              Too bad following his advice for the full 14 days didnt work. Tight lipped Maybe I just should have kept running because I am not better and I missed 2 weeks. I am currently working on 1-milers. I guess thats better than no-milers, but frustrating. Especially since it is now hot here and I think I have missed running season is over for the year.