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New Treadmill (Read 249 times)

    Went for a run on our new treadmill today.  Did not really plan to run but my hubby asked me to give it a try.  It was alright but I prefer to run outside.


    My DH decided he can't run outside in the winter so decided he needed a treadmill.  Picked up the Nordictrack ZS

    Commercial.  It's a tank of a thing and really friggin heavy.  Got it from Costco.  It seems to work nicely.


    Belly dancing last night a run today and boot camp tomorrow. 

    How is everyones week going so far?


    Have a great day.



      Fun!  We bought a treadmill at the beginning of the year.  DH doesn't  like to get outside in the weather either.  I can't stand treadmills but it does work once in awhile.


      This weekend I'm struggling a bit.  I missed my run yesterday because of rain and today was a struggle to get my run in.  Tonight I came home a took a long nap because of a headache and sore throat.  Hope I'm not coming down with something. 


      This weekend is a possible 5K....so the question is do I do my 5K race or my long run still preparing for my 1/2 marathon?  I lke to support the local races and this race is a first time race so I feel like I need to show....so......

      "Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you." Aaron Douglas Trimble

        Oh Gayle I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.  Why not run the 5k as as part of you long run.  Finish the 5k and keep going. Just a thought.


        Sorry you missed your run yesterday but if you are already feeling crappy it was probably a good thing.  Stay healthy and be ready for your 1/2 instead of pushing too much and getting really sick.


          Corrina-We bought a TM last year and although I don't enjoy it as much as being outside I do have to admit that I like having it.  I have no excuses in the winter.  Of course I have also fallen serveral times outsided in the winter and so being on the TM for me is much safer.


          Gayle-Hope ou are feeling better!!  Take care of yourself!!  As for this weekend you could either do as Corrina said.   Or do the 5K but just as a fun run and use the other day for your long run.


          Well I have struggled a little this week and today's run was no different.  Went out with the intention of 5 and ended up doing a really crappy 2.5.  It's funny how the running gods can be against you.


          "Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." –-Dean Karnazes 


          "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" Dave Landgraf