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March 22nd - Check-in (Read 313 times)

    How's everyone doing? I'm now two weeks away from the 10 mile race I've been working forward. I'm ready (before I get injuried again). Mon - off Tues - 3.51 Wed - 4.1 Thur - off Fri - 3.1 Sat - 6 Sun - 3.7 Total - 20.4 I've lost track of where everyone is at....so sorry.....chime in and let us know what's happening! Big grin My Dad goes under the knife tomorrow so we'll know more about how he is after he gets out of surgery. He's in good spirits and we'll see what happens tomorrow. Gayle

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      Hi, Gayle. Sometimes things in the personal life can be so big they push everything else right outta the mind. Do NOT worry that you've not been able to keep track of everyone! I switched shifts at my job, going from days to nights. This threw my body for a loop, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Running-wise not much has changed because I do most of my running on a home TM anyway. Last week I ran 1.2 miles each day, and didn't have any new issues, so this week I'm planning 1.3. I'm the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare story, but hey, I hear that tortoise gets to the finish line eventually... Wink

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        Hi Gayle & Wingz, I was just getting ready to start trying to run with my removable cast tomorrow and ran into the door with & hit me little toe yesterday. I think I broke it. It's all swelled up & my foot is very bruised by the toe. I know there isn't anything they can do so I haven't gone to verify that it's broken. I'm going to give up running for a little while until I heal up so I'll leave the group for awhile. I wish your father the best Gayle. Good running to everyone! Vicki
          Not a lot of running for me this week. I was off to visit a friend for Spring Break and managed to get her out of the house twice on her bike to keep me company. That was very nice. No kids just her and I. Bought new shoes last sunday and they are great. I am so hard on my shoes. I only got 140 miles on my last pair and I felt every stone on the road and all the pattern on the bottom. Hopefully this pair will hold up better. I plan on getting more miles in this week. Gayle......hope everything goes good for your dad with his surgery. It souunds like you are very ready for the race coming up. Run easy and have fun.

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            I had a great week - 23.5 miles - an all time high for me. I'm gaining on that bunny!
              I had a quite good week, too. Still unsure if I can race (on inlines) in the weekend, but time will tell... 3 weeks left of my base period, then I will switch to skates mainly and use running to keep in shape in case of bad weather only. That means I got to bag some more kms against the bunny in this 3 weeks. Gayle I hope all goes well regarding your dad.

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                HI Gayle ~~ Your father will be in my thoughts. As for me, I overdid the running and ended up with crazy tight hamstrings. Blaine kindly reminded me that I need to ease back into the mileage Blush something I knew but ignored so I'm doing short 2 - 3 mile runs for now and will go from there. OH, I also got new shoes Mizuno Inspire 5. Up to now I've always used Asics but I went to a running store and talked with the guy. He had me try a million pairs of shoes and felt that I needed something with a slighter higher arch in it since I"ve been experiencing pain in my arch each time I run. So off I went yesterday with my new shoes and no pain so maybe he was on to something!!

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                  Gayle - Hope all goes well with your father today. I had a good week, really starting to feel better since starting back a month ago. M - off T - 3.5 easy W - 5.5 easy 4.5 with Grace in the stroller in the afternoon Th - off F - off S - 9.2 long Su - 3.5 tempo Total - 26.2 I have been running all of my runs fairly easy, but decided to push it a little on yesterdays run and it felt good. If I can keep it up I should be able to improve my HM time come May.
                    Hi Gayle, your father will be in my thoughts. Last week was my highest mileage week yet, 25.3 miles. I've finally passed the bunny and have put a little bit of breathing room between us. This week is a cut back week. Mon - Upper Body Weights Tues - speed work 3 miles Wed - Lower Body and Abs Weights Thurs - 5 miles Friday - 3 miles Weekend - 15K at Race Pace Total 20.3 miles Looking forward to less miles this week! Smile
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                      Phew, at last I am confirmed I can go and race the weekend. 22.5 kms on inline skates in Bratislava: http://www.bratislavamarathon.com/en/ So to 'prepare' a bit I went for a group skate yesterday and... crashed Big grinBig grin I did not pay attention and a bump jumped right in front of my right skate. It was at quite low speed, talking and laughing - and more laughs afterwards Smile So there is a nice road rash bruise on my right hip now. Perfect practice right? Black eye