1000Km-621 mile club


Congratulations! (Read 225 times)

    Way to go Gayle - Good job finishing the 1000K before August.
      Yay!!! Big grin

      Roads were made for journeys...

        Thanks!  It's a total shock to me since I didn't plan it that way....especially with all the injuries of the past two years.    Yeah!  It's been a great stress relief for me this year!


        I've been trying to decide what to do.  I feel like I've let this thread down with the vanishing act I've pulled the past few months and not posting at all.  I feel like in Aug I'll be in a better place to post more. Since between traveling 8 hrs home to see my Dad once in awhile, a 1/2 marathon to train for in June and starting a new job.  Life has been more then full for me. 


        So what I'm trying to decide is do you gals/guys want me to hang around and to attempt to start posting more? Or do you want me to move up to the 1,000 mile group and let someone else take over as Admin of the 1000K club?


        BTW:  Dad will be 1/2 way through chemo this month.  He has been really weak at times, but he fighting back and doing the best he can.  He will finish chemo in Oct and start radiation for prostate cancer in Nov.  We are hoping/prayin that by the end of Jan this year of cancer will be behind us. 

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