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May 11th Weekly Check-In (Read 205 times)

    This was a good week for me. My foot is doing so much better. It is tender but it has not been "burning" as it has been. I'm hoping I have turned a corner here. I have a 10K in few weeks and then it's look forward to the 1/2 mary in Oct. Mon - Day off - Driving home from Kansas; no time Tues - 3 - Tired Wed. - Day off - Rain, Rain and more Rain..... Thurs - 3.84 - Fartlek work - struggled Fri - 3.42 - Sat. - 7 - First of what I consider is my long run - had some hills to overcome Sun - 3.01 - Recovery run....legs tired Total: 20:3 How did everyone else do? Cindy, don't worry about your running log...an amazing wedding and an amazing honeymoon trumps the log! See everyone later! Gayle

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      Gayle -- so glad to hear your foot is doing better. And you got an impressive amount of mileage in considering how much else it looks like you had going on this week. I had a good week: M -- 4.2 T -- gym/strength training W -- 5.3 R -- gym/strength training F -- 2.6 Sa -- 10k race + about 2/3 of a mile warm-up. Su -- off Total = 19 even The race was a lot of fun -- a trail race, my first one. Absolutely beautiful scenery, and I loved running on the trail, at least until the last mile straight uphill. Seriously, I was at 53 minutes at the mile 5 marker, but finished in 1:12. Not such a great last 1.2, eh? Hope everyone had a good week -- and happy mothers' day to all the moms!
        I had a good week, finally back on track: M - Off T - 3.5 easy W - 3.9 easy Th - 3.3 easy F - Off Sa - 4.2 tempo (was going to be an easy run, but felt great after the first mile and picked up the pace) Su - 6.8 long Total - 21.7 I had planned on all my runs being easy for the next month or so while I build my base a little more before training for my first half, but it is nice to run faster every so often. Good race Anne!
          Another great running week pain free and I am begining to get that old feeling back of effortless running. Mon- Day off Tues- 3 Wed- 6 (25 min tempo) Thur- 3 Friday- 6 (nice and easy) Sat - 3 Sunday - 10 Weekly total 31. A strangely wonderfull thing happened on Sunday's run. At the end of my run I felt so sure that I had measured the course wrong. I felt so relaxed comfortable and full of energy at the end of the run that I thought that I had only run 9 miles at a slow 10:30 pace. I even ran a little extra bit of road hoping to get over at least 9. I was pleasantly suprised to find that I did run over 10 miles at 9:30 pace. Not blazingly fast, but I was just chugging and plugging along never out of breath, except for those darn hills that people keep leaving in my way! Anybody else have one of those out of body experiences?
            The race was a lot of fun -- a trail race, my first one. Absolutely beautiful scenery, and I loved running on the trail, at least until the last mile straight uphill. Seriously, I was at 53 minutes at the mile 5 marker, but finished in 1:12. Not such a great last 1.2, eh? !
            Anne! I'm so jealous of your trail run! I used to love running the trails in Connecticut. The weather, family and my Hill Allergy (every time I run up hills I get short of breath) has kept me on treadmill or local asphalt runs. You have inspired me to get back to the woods, streams, and (gulp) those hills. Thanks!! Karl
              Sunday 2.0 miles woohoo! I'm going to start back pretty darn slow since I was dealing with some nagging pains when I put the shoes in the closet last month. Should still be time to build up comfortably for a half marathon in october! Glad your foot is feeling better Gayle and way to get those miles in even though it doesnt look like you were enjoying them this week! Anne i just noticed your profile picture, I just love it! The trail race does sound like fun. karl, thanks for mentioning that hill allergy, I've been trying to figure out what that problem is. now I can ask my doctor if that's the right diagnosis for me and how to treat it Tongue I really miss CT where I grew up, the scenery in IA is not quite the same! Get out there and enjoy those trails for me!
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                Mornin' all. I started my more diverse running plan last week that includes some speed work (though "speed" is probably not the best way to describe my running...) and hills. 5/6 - 3 mi 5K pace 5/8 - 3.2 intervals (tough, but fun to see that I can run faster than I thought!) 5/9 - 2.9 hiils 5/10 - 3.0 LSD (not really long yet, but it'll start going up in a couple of weeks...) 5/11 - 3.0 easy 15.1 miles total First week back to work this week after my maternity leave so I'm hopefully I've got my schedule figured out to stay on track. eric Smile got my running log back from CR this weekend. It's so great to see that data! First logged run, 5K PR, longest run, lots of memories!
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                  21.2 mile week M - 4 miles on the treadmil Tu - 4 more Wednesday - 6 miles pavement, hilly Thursday- Realized that was as far as I've run on pavement - sore as heck. Gotta build up to it more slowly Friday - Still feeling like a sore idiot Saturday - Still an idiot, less sore Sunday - 7.2 miles, treadmill Thinking I'll try one smaller run a week outdoors, if that works, start subsituting other days later. I felt great after Wednesday's run, almost kept going. The next day... Owie.

                    Hi everyone- I just joined the group - and I just started running consistently in the last month (long injury/recovery beforehand). Anyways I've been getting the mileage up and am hoping to have around 600 miles by the end of the year - also in training for a 15K in July and a half marathon in Sept. The 15K would be my second time ever doing that distance and the HM would be a first. This week I ran 23 miles, which is pretty good for me and I'm hoping to get it up a little bit higher next week. I'm just concentrating on base miles right now w/ one long run a week. In 2 weeks I'm hoping to start some tempo runs into the mix. Bye!
                      Good week for me. Tues: 2.46 Thurs: 2.75 Sat: 3.43-- longest ever! Total: 8.64 miles

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                        I fell short of my 20 a week goal. The problem? I had a 5k race Sat, and I had to do 6 on Sunday... Well, I was whipped from the 5k and could barley get 3 miles in yesterday. Oh, and this week starts off bad, pouring down rain. No power , could not run outside or use the mill!! Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of your running goals?

                        - Anya

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                          I had a decent week. I can't complain about it anyway. Mon- 4miles Tue- off Wed- 2miles (legs cramped up) Thu- Drove down to VA for training Fri- Recover from 13.5 hr drive (not fun) Sat- 5miles Sun- 7.1miles Total- 18.1 Sundays run was at FT Eustis, VA on some wicked trails, pace was slow but I had a great time. (hills, turns, roots, rocks & bridges)


                            I had an awesome week. I just came off a 10k and I bought a Nike + ipod sport kit which I am really addicted to enjoying. Mon: 9km Tues: 6km Wed: A date. Yeah! Thurs: 10 km Fri: Relaxation Sat: 16.4 km (10 miles- my first! Blush ) Sun: 9.35 k Total 51 k: (about 30 miles) Wow! Got to slow down before I get injured. Have a great week!

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